Question: What is Sinach baby name?

Osinachi Kalu (Sinach) and her husband, Pastor Joseph Egbu gave a first look at their bundle of joy in celebration of the season via a postcard image of the family. Sinach who got married in 2014 in a very beautiful wedding ceremony, welcomed this very first child in November.

Is Flavour really married to chidinma?

Is Flavour a married man? The Nigerian celebrity is not married at the moment. What is Sinach baby name?

Popular Gospel artist, Osinachi Joseph aka Sinach took to Instagram to pen-down an emotional tribute to her husband today which happens to be their wedding anniversary.

Recall that In 2014, Sinach married Mr. In the tribute,confessed that the 6 years she has What is Sinach baby name?

What is Sinach baby name?

with her husband was filled with happiness, tears and lots more. The 47 year old however disclosed that her husband is her teacher, her king, her first baby and the best dad in the world.

What is Sinach baby name?

Read all she wrote below; Happy anniversary to us!! Happy anniversary my warriormy cover, my no 1 cheer leader. My lover, my best friendmy teacher oh, best daddy in d world, my king, my honey, fight buddy and first baby.

Sinach welcomes her first child at the age of 46

And the Lord has kept His promises and open gates and nations. I love you even more … Chime. Looking forward to many more. Thank you Lord Sinach and husband.

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