Question: Is YouVersion Bible app good?

Is there a Bible app that reads to you?

YouVersion Bible is completely free and lets you listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. You can listen to daily Reading Plans that you subscribe to in the Bible App and even pray over your prayer list. ... Download the free Bible App for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Amazon tablets at

The struggle is real; or am I the only one who struggles with getting up in the mornings? One-eyed, you reach for your phone, debating whether to turn to your Bible app or your social media feed.

Sadly, your Instagram feed seems way more appealing. Thanks to social media scrolling you find yourself in a rush with no time for devotions. Then there are days when life just happens. Ever had one of those? But alas, without a plan of action you will likely stay spiritually stagnant. With the YouVersion Bible App, you are able to intentionally spend time with God at a time that best suits your needs and choose from thousands of YouVersion Bible Plans that aligns with your interest and season of life.

So, if you want to get into back into the habit of daily Bible Study this year, here are 20 Highly recommended YouVersion Bible Reading plans to peak your interest. There is even a bonus tip at the very end so keep reading. T his post may contain affiliate links. What Is the YouVersion Bible App? For those that might be unaware, The YouVersion Bible App is a convenient way to engage with the word of God by way of your smartphone, tablet or at Bible.

With over 400 million downloads, the app challenges people to seek God day by day. Its been amazing to of the impact this app has been having on peoples lives. Church families growing and connecting together, to just being able to fit Bible study into busy lifestyles. You Is YouVersion Bible app good? select from more than 1,500 Bible versions, use the audio Bible to have it read to you, add your own highlights, bookmarks and notes or dig into one of their many Bible reading plans.

How Do You Write A Bible Plan On YouVersion As a writer, YouVersion is a great way to get a sample of your book in front of a new audience. Not only is it great exposure, but if they fall in love with your reading plan, they just might purchase your full book in the process. YouVersion Bible Plans There are hundred of plans available on the YouVersion app.

Most have a duration of between 5-14 days. This gives you lots of variety to switch up your devotional if you get bored easily.

One neat feature of the app is that you can set it up where you get notified at a certain time everyday until you complete the plan. A useful tool to help keep you on track.

I know the choices can seem overwhelming especially if you are just getting started, so here are 31 popular YouVersion Bible Plans from fellow faith bloggers. This devotional offers freedom from the diet culture, body image infatuation, Is YouVersion Bible app good?, and shame.

Yes, we were made to crave… more of Jesus. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: I really enjoy the A Chapter a Day: The Bible in 3 Years. As a busy mom of three little ones, it makes it easy to read through the entire Bible in a set amount of time as opposed to several chapters a day to get it read in a year. A chapter is also just about what my kids can sit through listening to. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: What made Jesus Mad?

It is an intriguing read about how to have deeply faith-filled lives while making sure traditions are embraced without getting in the way of our relationship with Jesus. I read a lot of verses in a brand new light after this read. Favorite Is YouVersion Bible app good? Bible Plan: Recommended by: This reading plan is great for the entire family.

We study together as a family with fellas of different ages and it has been great. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: This plan puts a lot of sections of scripture, like the Psalms, into the context of the story. If you start the plan in March, you will reach the Christmas story in time for Christmas. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: I love that this reading plan takes a fact we already know, that God knows all about us, and takes it to a deeper level of understanding and intimacy Is YouVersion Bible app good?

God. This plan is also only 5 days, which is good for people who have a hard time committing to a longer plan. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: A 7 day plan by Ken Costa.

Finding my passion and what do I really want is crucial. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: A 7 Day Reading Plan by Lysa Terkeurst.

We run at a breakneck pace to try and achieve when God simply wants us to slow down enough to receive. We receive everything we need from Him, therefore we must remember to stay connected to Is YouVersion Bible app good?. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: I love finding reading plans that teach about our work being a calling and our mission field. This plan teaches that our creative and entrepreneurial endeavors can and should be used to glorify God, the one who gifted us with these abilities.

Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: God has a purpose for every one of us. This 5-day reading plan will encourage you to fulfill the calling of God in your life. It has great devotionals with actionable tips. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: I love how this translation and reading plan takes Revelation from simply a fearful end times book to a hopeful epiphany of Jesus in his full glory.

Favorite YouVersion Bible Is YouVersion Bible app good? Recommended by: I love how this plan allows mothers to reflect and be reminded of the blessing that motherhood truly is.

Is YouVersion Bible app good?

It helped me get through a rough time in my motherhood journey. Because of this plan I look at motherhood totally different. An important reminder for us all. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: I have so many favorites.

Is YouVersion Bible app good?

I love the encounter, abide or meditation plans as l can listen to them while l begin the day. Sometimes it seems like fear is stalking us, just waiting to take control of our lives. This week-long devotional Is YouVersion Bible app good? Seacoast Church will encourage you to stand firm in the face of fear. Favorite YouVersion Bible Plan: Recommended by: I like it because I struggle with time and as we know time is one of those things we will never get back so we must use it wisely.

This plan is a great reminder of how precious time is and gives some insights into how to manage time in a way that is glorifying to God Popular YouVersion Bible Plans Bible Reading Plan Bonus Tip: YouVersion Bible on Google Assistant Ok, so if you got a or for christmas you will want to pay attention to this Is YouVersion Bible app good? bit. You can now just say, Ok Google ask You Version to read my Bible plan.

This makes it really convenient to start making. If you do own these devices however, give it a whirl and let me know what you think. Helpful Resources Available Thelets you listen to 40 Bible stories all completely free. This is perfect for bed time stories for kids. If you are into block scheduling, this is a perfect activity to provide educational activities for your kids paired with an activity like so you can knock out your to do list. The regular Bible app allows you to listen to any book, chapter or verse as well as your daily Bible reading plan.

Both of these features are also accessible through Google Assistant. YouVersion Bible Challenge Want to test your Bible knowledge?

Try the You Version Bible Challenge with Amazon Alexa. It reads you a verse and you try to determine where its found. You can have multiple players or play by your self. A fun family bonding activity to do with friends or family after church service.

YouVersion Rest Another Is YouVersion Bible app good? feature of YouVersion Is YouVersion Bible app good? YouVersion Rest. Listen to Psalms with soothing relaxing music being played in the background. Perfect if you struggle with sleep or looking for meditative music. You can view the full on Youtube. This totally makes me want to get Alexa or Google Home! Want to take your faith to the next level this year? Customer reviews: YouVersion Bible

Let YouVersion Bible Plans help you build a healthy habit of spending time with God this year. I'm Shanique, the founder of Rock Solid Faith. I am a multi-passionate millennial who loves helping others embrace their identity in Christ. On the blog, you'll find helpful Bible study tips to help you develop a deeper intimacy with God, biblical encouragement, christian living articles and so much more!

Have you been really excited to get lost in the word of God? Then, within fifteen minutes you find yourself flustered and overwhelmed? If you experience this, you are not alone. Large-print Bibles make this task much easier and more enjoyable by enlarging the text so that individuals with impaired vision can read without any problems… Do you long to cultivate a closer relationship with God but find that you get easily distracted?

Scripture writing is a bible study method that is perfect for those looking to make daily….

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