Question: How do I recover an old Yahoo email account?


Founded in the mid-90s, Hotmail is one of the oldest email addresses that continues to be used by many.

How do I recover an old Yahoo email account?

This is causing confusion to users who are wondering whether Hotmail is still around and if it will remain operational in the future.

The following guide covers how you can retrieve an inactive Hotmail account, create a new Hotmail username, delete it, and change a Hotmail email address to an Outlook one.

Where Is My Hotmail Account? A Hotmail email account can easily be used with the Outlook email client, Microsoft Teams, Skype, OneDrive, Office 365, and even the Windows Insider Program. However, in some of its blog posts and videos, Microsoft insists on a transition from the Hotmail.

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Currently, there are no webmail or other exclusive services for Hotmail. Similarly, all the other Microsoft email addresses, such as Live. Also read: How to Retrieve Your Old Hotmail Account Do you have an old Hotmail account that you no longer have access to? There are different ways to retrieve it depending on your most recent account activity and a few other factors.

Hotmail Account Deleted After Inactivity If you did not use your Hotmail account in a very long time around two years or moreMicrosoft may have deleted the email address for inactivity if there were no paid services.

This means all your emails, contacts, and other stored data would have been removed permanently. These deleted email accounts have a 60-day waiting period before the email address can be assigned to someone else. Try signing in with it. To recover it, you can create another Hotmail account with the same username. To create one with a new unique username, skip ahead to the next section below.

While the old inbox items and contacts are erased, you can use the legacy Hotmail username to log in to any third-party service which you might have used in the past. Here you will find the options for both Outlook. Choose your old Hotmail username. Once the new Microsoft account is created with Hotmail, you will be redirected to the Outlook. How to Create a New Hotmail Account Apart from recovering a deleted Hotmail username, it is How do I recover an old Yahoo email account?

to create a Hotmail email account from scratch. Rename Hotmail Account to Outlook You can easily change your email How do I recover an old Yahoo email account? from Hotmail to Outlook. This would allow any emails to continue being delivered to the older Hotmail address while you log on using the new Outlook. It can take up to 48 hours for this new primary alias to appear on all Microsoft products and services.

Also, some of your friends may appear to be offline until they sign out and sign back in.

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How to Delete Your Hotmail Account? All your emails will be wiped clean and the friends list erased. If you decide to proceed, follow these instructions to delete your account.

How do I recover an old Yahoo email account?

Not remembering your password and secret questions is a fairly common issue, especially with old and inactive Hotmail accounts. How do I know if my Hotmail account is still active? When does Microsoft delete inactive accounts? Is there a way to regain access? Microsoft considers any account inactive if it has been unused for more than two years.

There are a few ways you can access this account despite prolonged inactivity: if you used it to purchase an active Microsoft product or service, if you have an unused Microsoft account balance from a gift card or credit, if you used the account to publish to the Microsoft Store, and if it has earned you a training certification from Microsoft.

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