Question: What is the meaning of indies?

Where did the word Indies come from?

India and adjacent regions and islands, 1550s, plural of Indie, Indy, from Middle English Ynde (early 13c.), the usual word in Middle English for India, from the Old French form of Latin India (see India).

What does Indies mean in geography?

The Indies refers to various lands in the East or the Eastern hemisphere, particularly the islands and coastlands found in and around the Indian Ocean by Portuguese explorers after the Cape route was discovered.

What is meaning of West Indies?

The West Indies is a group of islands off Central America, extending in an arc from Florida to Venezuela, separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. American English: West Indies /ˌwɛst ˈɪndiz/

What is the full form of West Indies?

WI. (redirected from West Indies)

What does West Indies stand for?

ĭndēz. An archipelago between southeast North America and northern South America, separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and including the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, and the Bahama Islands. The original inhabitants were Caribs and Arawaks.

What language do West Indies speak?

Of the 38 million West Indians (as of 2001), about 62% speak Spanish (a west Caribbean lingua franca). About 25% speak French, about 15% speak English, and 5% speak Dutch. Spanish and English are important second languages: 24 million and 9 million speak them as second languages.

Written by Azizi Powell People don't always have to say what they're thinking. These words are both nouns and verbs. The tjoerie, which is the Surinamese word for what is known in the French West Indies as 'le tchip' and in the English speaking part of the Caribbean as 'kiss-teeth'.

When something or someone becomes too annoying, one always has an effective weapon at their disposal: a long, cricket-like sound of which the effect combined with rolling eyes is deadly insulting.

There is no one that does not respect a good tjoerie. To be honest, while What is the meaning of indies? this video, the sound got annoyingly addictive, it's kind of. But What is the meaning of indies?

the same time, use caution with this word, it doesn't have the best connotation because me and everyone I know agree that when they've heard it used, it was in a negative light. Click You Know You're Jamaican When. Notice the neck roll and cut eye rolling eye movement that usually accompanied kiss teeth. There is the small effortless chupse of indifference; the thin hard chupse of disdain; the long, liquid, vibrating chupse that shakes the rafters and expresses every kind of defiance.

It is the universal language of the West Indies, What is the meaning of indies? What is the meaning of indies? to confidence from Jamaica to British South America. How dare the compiler downgrade it to a mere word! Caribbean data were drawn from observations, dictionaries and interviews. African students were also questioned. A glare is delivered followed by a vertical or diagonal sweep of the eye over the other person.

The gesture was familiar to all West Indians interviewed. All African informants recognized the gesture. The study provides evidence that Africanisms persist in the New World even in commonplace expressions and gestures.

It s a written expression made when someone is displeased, or when their expectations is lowered.

What is the meaning of indies?

The sound can be heard when one sticks his tongue to the roof of the mouth and ties to suck in air. Just like germans use 'Scheiss' Example: Mtcheew. I'm asking you and people like you this. You just made me vomit on my rug What is the meaning of indies?. Rickford Source: The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. I just came across a very interesting online article about the retention of various words from African languages in patois of the Caribbean nation of Grenada.

Indicative of annoyance, such as when a parent sends a kid to do a chore. Please accept my apology for that. I love learning information about similar customs found in various places in the world and I really love getting first hand confirmation from people about what I've read. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. And yes, I can understand that gesture would be annoying if it done constantly.

Again, I wonder if your neighbor knows that you find this annoying. But maybe her intention is to annoy and one strategy would be to act like it doesn't even bother you. And whether people who do this are cowards, is painting with a rather large brush. Not everyone has the security which enables them to be freely directly voice their opinions. Sucking one's teeth provides them with plausible deniability. But I suppose you wrote this to vent since you're fed up with the person you know who sucks her teeth.

I didn't expect this post to provide that opportunity. But if it does, so be it. Suck teeth is a form of communication. If you get suck teethed at, you have been dismissed. It's sufficient communication that you need to find something else to do elsewhere. It could also mean, whatever. So you have the go ahead to do whatever you like. I assume that you are referring to the Anonymous who wrote about being fed up with his or her work colleague. What is the meaning of indies?

don't know if that Anonymous writer is a racist or not. But one thing that should now be clear with What is the meaning of indies? writer is that that suck teeth is a form of communication. Thanks for your comment, Unknown. Are you saying that someone non-White sucked teeth at you just because you a white male walked passed them? Couldn't there have been other reasons for that gesture?

What is the meaning of indies?

However, if they did suck teeth just because of your race, then yes, I agree that was wrong. Some black Surinamese are Aluku also called Boni and the Boni at least those from French Guyana are descent of former slaves from Ivory Coast. Teeth-sucking is definitely not a coward way to express yourself but actually an overt way of defying someone, at least that's what it is in many West African countries.

council of the indies : definition of council of the indies and synonyms of council of the indies (English)

People get beat up for sucking their teeth at someone else. Of course, there are different sounds that can be made and the person on the receiving end of the sound, knows if you're insulting them or just expressing general annoyance at something discussed, discouragement, tiredness and so forth. African people and people of African descent have to be careful when they travel to another African country because if teeth sucking can be considered as something mild somewhere, in another country, it can be interpreted as a serious insult.

I especially appreciate your statements that teeth sucking can be considered mild in on country but a serious insult in another. Thanks also for the link to that video You have inspired me to publish another blog post on this subject showcasing that video. I wish I knew French so I could know what he was saying in his rap. I'm off to Google translate to see if translating some of those comments to English help. I think you guys call it lip smacking, but in France, In the French West Indies and in Africa, it's the tchip.

Instead of Google translate, I'd recommend Deepl as a translation. It is way better and more accurate.

What is the meaning of indies?

Tous mes voeux de bonheur et santé! But you have to know when to do it That a 3-second long one can be a bomb And a fight can start with a sound A wave of bad vibes, the anger is deep No, it's not a kiss, it's a sound Yes, I despise you, I'm showing you han If it's a surprise, well.

If you're a hypocrite, we're even no Sometimes a whatever, sometimes a wringer It's a kind of mutism without concessions Some have made it their profession by mimicry The absolute answer when they ask themselves too many questions sound Anna, thank you so much for letting me and others know about Deepl. Thanks also for sharing the translation for that short video.

Thanks, and keep on keeping on! I tried to do a verbatim translation. It is not part of the customs of North Africans, except maybe the black What is the meaning of indies?

people of those regions. Maybe, indeed, it is only a West African thing. For more than forty years I have shared adapted West African stories with audiences in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. I have four blogspots:,and. Much of the content of these blogs were previously found on my cocojams and jambalayah cultural websites. I curate all of these blogs on a voluntary basis. Viewer comments are welcome on my blogspots.

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