Question: How do I set my phone to desktop mode?


Chrome for Android has long offered the option to manually enable desktop mode for your websites. Soon, this option will be enabled by default on most large-sized Android tablets.

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What Is Chrome's Desktop Mode? By default, Chrome for Android opens the mobile-optimized versions of your websites.

How do I set my phone to desktop mode?

This is to ensure the sites look good on your mobile devices. However, you do get an optional feature called desktop mode in Chrome.

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This mode lets you load the actual desktop versions of your sites. If there's a feature missing in the mobile version, or if you just want to see how the desktop site looks like, this feature lets you do that.

What Android Tablets Will Get This Feature?

How do I set my phone to desktop mode?

Related: It's likely you'll see this feature on large tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. View Desktop Versions of Websites by Default on Android Many large-sized Android tablets are as good for web browsing as desktop computers. With Chrome for Android soon letting you use the desktop mode by default, you won't have to manually tick the Desktop site option on your tablets anymore.

How do I set my phone to desktop mode?

Chrome has a lot to offer to its users, and you should take some time to learn Chrome's various uses to get the most out of this browser.

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