Question: How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

How do dreadlocks not smell?

One of the most important ways to prevent a bad smell in dreadlocks is to dry your locks properly. This means that whenever your dreadlocks get wet (from sweat, moisturizing sprays, dampness from your showers, etc.), you should allow your scalp to air dry. ... Wet locs are prone to smell after a period of time.

How can I make my dreads smell good without washing them?

2:416:40LOCS SMELLS BAD! WHAT DO I DO??? - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou can add citrus. And water and spritz it all over your locks. And squeeze it in a little and thenMoreYou can add citrus. And water and spritz it all over your locks. And squeeze it in a little and then this will eliminate the odor. Now you can either use the essential oils of orange lemon or lime or.

How do you freshen dreads?

Head outside, if possible, and sit in the sun to dry your dreadlocks. The sunshine and fresh air help to speed up the drying process, while freshening your hair and preventing mold and mildew from growing inside the coils. If its not possible to sit outside long enough, use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry your dreads.

How can I freshen my locks?

0:3715:55How To Refresh and Retwist Your Locs - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo Im just going to section that off. First. Next the part that I section off Im going on dampenMoreSo Im just going to section that off. First. Next the part that I section off Im going on dampen lift the spray bottle. And just get it all moist. And all of the locks that I want to freshen up.

How do you get the mildew smell out of dreads?

1:345:55How to get rid of smelly dreadlocks | Build up? Mold? - YouTubeYouTube

How do you get gunk out of dreads?

Submerge your dreadlocks into the baking soda solution up to the roots. Soak your locks for up to 10 minutes, or longer if youre in need of a deep clean. As your dreadlocks soak, the baking soda will strip away dirt, oil, debris and other unwanted buildup.

Should I Retwist my dreads wet or dry?

Hair that is wet stretches more than hair that is dry. Due to this, you may have the best and most consistent results if you wait until the dreadlocks are completely dry before retwisting. Due to the thickness of most dreads, moisture deep inside a lock can sometimes be missed while drying.

Toy Boy by Moschino is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Toy Boy was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Yann Vasnier. Top notes are Pink Pepper, Pear, Indonesian Nutmeg, elemi and Bergamot; middle notes are Rose, Magnolia, Clove and Flax; base notes are Cashmeran, Sylkolide, Haitian Vetiver, Sandalwood and Amber.

How do you keep your dreads smelling good? Boy, the first fragrance for men designed by creative director Jeremy Scott, follows the Toy line, launched by the first unisex edition in 2014 and followed by Toy 2 for women from 2018.

It speaks to a unique, dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate man, but one who is not afraid to reveal his more tender and playful side. Toy Boy is an exciting play of endless codes seeking out re-evaluation and liberation. The face of the perfume is Brazilian model Jhona Burjack, shot by photographer Giampaolo Sgura.

Moschino Toy Boy is available as a 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum, acconmanied by grooming line. Read about this perfume in other languages:,.

Fragrances don't normally last long on me so it's odd that I sprayed this on approx. As quite an outgoing person, this fragrance is fantastic, and makes a wonderful signature. It is so easily recognisable, has a loud projection I wouldn't want to wear more than two sprays and is easily my most complimented cologne.

Loads of people tell me I smell of parma violets. However, I can see how this would be a divisive How do you keep your dreads smelling good?, as it is very unisex and goes heavy on the rose note, which I love. Lots of designer colognes are quite uninspired, going mainly for mass appeal, but Moschino's ToyBoy is great because it is not afraid to take a more androgynous route - to the point where girls have asked me what I am wearing so they could buy it for themselves, for instance.

In short, this cologne is great if you have the self confidence to back it out, but if you would feel nervous wearing something so loud or want something more universally liked, I would play it safe and buy a more typically masculine cologne.

I think, and it works great in summer. Summer evening is the best for this. The dry downs is the best part for me and, this perfume is for history books so, gonna get it. I guess I like roses now. If I was 15 years younger I would already own it for the bottle How do you keep your dreads smelling good?.

Toy Boy is a powerful fragrance made for confident men only. If you're concerned it's too floral or feminine those insecurities will be amplified when wearing this juice. Toy Boy is always a fun and memorable wear. To the right person, this could smell very nice! I can see how it would be controversial but it wouldn't be super hard to pull off in my opinion.

It has a lovely rose note and it doesn't smell feminine to me at all. Overall a nice scent but it isn't for me. It's just not my style! I wish I could tell you not to look at the notes, and just to wear it, but its too late. This could be the fragrance to save us all. In other words, step the fuck How do you keep your dreads smelling good?. Very unimpressive output from the sprayer.

This keeps me entertained even after 8 hours! I am soooo glad that this doesn't render me anosmic. The opening is brutal, in an aggressively cloying way. But after 15 to 20 minutes its all worth it! Syrupy sweet florals with amber and cashmeran with a perfectly rounded tinge of pink pepper! Sorry but I get no citrus here. Nothing you didn't smell before, but the blend and balance is perfect! Doesn't get me much compliments, but it keeps me in my own little scent heaven.

Oh dear, how deceitful is the packaging! Even though it is a black teddy bear, this is not a 'cute' fragrance. It begins with a dark, I would even say noire rose, mixed with pink pepper and a bit of clove. I smell no pear ot citruses here.

A bit of sandalwood, but luckily not too overpowering I tend to find sandalwood a very overpowering note and sometimes cannot smell anything much apart from it when it is present. Definitely unisex, a fragrance that asks for elegant dress code. So I went for this, figuring both of them would pose a challenge to me but also knowing that I tend to like rose in scents when kept in check so. First spray is face-cringingly sharp.

But it pretty quickly backs off, and the pear helps to tame the punch in the face How do you keep your dreads smelling good? just received. I'm a couple hours in and the rose is still giving me the middle finger, yet the base notes are catching up. Hopefully it doesn't end up cloying - unfortunately some of them do. It's a challenge - it's not an office scent unless you're light on the trigger.

Is that okay to say? The opening notes don't blow quickly, but slowly fade, allowing the woodier notes to shine through and mingle. How do you keep your dreads smelling good? like a bullhorn for the first hour, at least.

Lasts at least 8 hours becoming less playful as it ages. A strange science experiment that just works in some situations. I feel like my skin is made of rose petals, projection is too big for my liking. But then then about 30 minutes in unfortunately this turns kinda sour on my skin. Same with Creed Viking which is about 30% similiar. The drydown that is left on my sleeves smells exactly like Montale Sunset Flowers mostly cis-3-hexanol aka.

You need to wait till drydown to experience all phases. If you find this too Feminine, I would suggest combining it with Creed Viking, or these Encre Noire - tried this, in the opening it's amazing but then it kinda clashes. Smells like niche, rich version of sauvage. I will for sure try all these combination when I purchase this. The projection is killing me though. I would like this to project less rare problem with fragrances these days, yes. This way it's suitable only for outside wear.

When it appears in a fragrance composition - it becomes pretty much the only note my nose can pick up. Clearly, ambermax is the same as ambroxan, which is this sharp metallic unbearable chemical musk to my nose. I have a large collection and I blind bought this. This is not for me very feminine and the rose is overpowering. Some may like it but not for me. If you look up cloying fragrance in the dictionary this will be the example.

I have never given a bad review until now and I have reviewed over 100+ of my own collection and this is my first one that I did not care for at all. Try before you buy on this one. Yes, I have that much time in hand. Ok, I bought Moschino Toy Boy a year and a half ago, 2 months into this collecting hobby.

The first time How do you keep your dreads smelling good? tried Toy Boy, I frowned — how can a guy want to smell like this? Fortunately, a month after that, I revisited this scent at a department store and just buy it out of impulse. Most of the time I wear this fragrance when I wear a black t-shirt or short-sleeve casual shirt. Toy Boy is fresh, sweet, somewhat creamy and, duh, rosy. It is a masculine scent, especially in the drydown where it is a bit dirty. Would I buy Toy Boy again?

Not in terms of the appeal, but it challenges your masculinity. The bottomline is, Toy Boy is my first daring fragrance. So, I ordered a variety of decants for my husband's bday, and am also testing them to look for a full size of my favorite to gift as well. This was the first one I wanted to try. I had forgotten what the notes were supposed to be when I sprayed it, so was taken by surprise a bit.

I personally am not a huge fan of very green frags, or ambroxan, and I'm not sure if this has ambroxan, but it seems to have a hint of that sharpness.

Fortunately, it's subtle enough that I can deal, because other parts of this smell really good. Initially what hit me was the pepper, pear, and a very green smell. I thought it smelled pretty good, but immediately said to myself that it wouldn't be one I'd go on to buy. After the dry down, not so sure. It may not be a safe gift, as I can see it not being for everyone, though I do think he might like it.

It's interesting because it has some notes that are very traditionally feminine, but others that are traditionally masculine. Isn't it silly that we've assigned gender to smells? The rose is there, but it's not a super girly potpourri rose, it's fresh. It's the pear that I most find feminine, and I seem to be amping that. I think that makes it more fun and interesting, and addictive.

I will wear this if he doesn't want to, but I think I'll like it on him too! It does remind me of something Kilian would make. It also just occurred to me that this slightly reminds me of Pear Inc, but more complex. I didn't care for that one since it was half ambroxan, but similar vibes, I just like Toy Boy much better. Can't wait to see what he thinks in a month! It pretty much smells like slightly spicy Pear Inc, apparently ambermax basically is ambroxan, and it's now very dominant.

Why is this in everything these days? Way better value vs Juliette Has A Gun, especially since one spray gave me intense long lasting fragrance, whereas the Pear Inc I sampled wasn't nearly as strong or long lasting. A Sonnet to Moschino Toy Boy: I sought a fragrance masculine, yet rose; desires I thought impossible to sate.

I found Toy Boy - ye gods! I cannot get enough of this perfume! Moschino Toy Boy makes me lose control - this sexy fragrance owns me, heart and soul. Moschino Toy Boy is a beautiful green spicy rose fragrance. What I get most is the rose and pink pepper. On first sniff, Kilian Roses on Ice came to mind. They both have similar vibes.

I get the pepper and a lil rose accord, some bergamot and as it dries down, a lil vetiver. More feminine than id usually wear but i love it. Peppery, spicy, beautiful, almost turkish delight rose with a little juicy pear. This is a very green rose, not powdery, think more of the stem. Big citrus-peppery, nearly a bomb. Not sure I get the hype here as its a nuclear synthetic bomb of citrus fused peppery floral notes…. Edit: Ended up getting a small bottle of this and really love it!

Definitely a green rose but I shines on those cooler spring days that are cloudy. Wow, this smells so much more niche than the brand - and especially the bottle - would have you think. I usually really dislike rose, but I tried a sample of this out of curiosity. The way the rose is done here is really bright and fresh - not like many uses of rose that end up being super dusty and powdery, with a potpourri feel.

On me it almost smells a little like Roja Elysium with rose dialed way up. Definitely my favorite rose-centered fragrance that I've smelled yet.

Overall, it smells very high quality and although it's not quite my taste How do you keep your dreads smelling good? to wear, I really like it and think it's very nice. I fall on the love it side.

I layer this over Ombré Nomad and my better half goes crazy over the smell. This one is niche quality, if you ask me. Definitely test it before you buy. Test it and see what you think! Nice spicy rose that does not smell old and is mixed with other florals. The pink pepper is pretty forward, the nutmeg is in the background. The pear is kind of subtle to my nose but the rose is pretty present throughout. You definitely have to like rose or this may not be for you. Nice non-dominant vetiver when it starts to dry down.

Creamy non-dry sandalwood also as it dries down. There's also a light musky nuance and light woods in the dry down. I have nothing else in my collection that smells like this extremely unique fragrance. The rose is very soft and not in your face to me, but definitely very present. Performance is pretty good for me. Sillage and projection is strong in the beginning, but it settles down fairly quickly.

I find it pretty versatile seasonally. Best Moschino release as of late to me. This is not for newbies or people are not secure with their masculinity. Unisex, women could easily wear this. If you are looking for attention this How do you keep your dreads smelling good? the fragrance for you. You will pull a lot of attention wearing this one. Because people will try to find out who smells so bad.

And trust me they will find you like they did me. To this day im still traumatized. I wake up almost every night from the nightmare that was the curse of me spraying this perfume on myself. Once again, let me warn you. This is polarizing smell I people do not like it.

Except if you live in drakula style mansion than this is just the fragrance for you. An interesting scent for sure. The rose in this fragrance is immediately apparent to me after spraying this on skin. The rose has a candied sweet edge to it, but overall this scent has a synthetic feel to it. The scent for the most part doesn't change much for the next 5 to 6 hours or How do you keep your dreads smelling good?.

The rose eventually gets lost in the dry down which I don't care for much. This scent does have a slight leather vibe. I personally though am not fan of rose and in this scent all other notes are just supporting notes to the rose. Rose is the most dominant note, which settles into something reminiscent of a smooth leather is it the cashmeran?

Out of what I have, this reminds me of La Yuqawam, except that one has raspberry instead of the rose. I do not think this is overly synthetic and I far prefer it to something like Mancera Red Tobacco, which allegedly smells like pipe tobacco.

The rose note is very lovely, almost edible. Lasts for about 16 hours on clothes easily. One of the longest lasting perfumes you can find nowadays. This is a nice change of pace. Overall, its dominant notes are sweet rose, hints of spice, slightly woody and musky. That sums up the scent. This is a sweet rose, somewhat fruity in nature.

You just know that there's something fruity about this rose. It's a good blend of pink pepper with the nutmeg and clove that gives this a nice natural spiciness. They all play together nicely and equally. This scent overall is brighter, light and whafty and doesnt contain hardly any dark or heavy materials. Nothing weighs this frag down and is very lifting and lively. Projection I'm getting a good aura bubble. It's not a close skin scent on me, it projects well, and I get whafs of it easily throughout the day.

Longevity is really good too 6-7hrs easily. The only thing that bugs me, is I get a slight vegetal scent buried behind everything. I blind bought this, and it was a good purchase. First scent i ordered from Scentbox monthly club. Not smelling alot of musk I do bathe with Kouros. Toy Boy initially smells of the hardware store lumber dept. I get wafts of new, casual clothing in an upscale mall department store, Cashmeran accord probably plus a freshly cut bouquet of spicy, Bulgarian roses.

Could be my new signature--very unique, comforting and uplifting. Should work for all seasons, day or night. Reminds me of a gray, super-soft, triple ply, cashmere, mock turtleneck sweater I used to have. Smells more expensive than it is. The perfumed How do you keep your dreads smelling good? gel is a nice texture and last 8+ hours also. Definately a cooler weather parfum. Very spicy, sharp, rosey, musky. On paper, the notes list looks feminine but the reality is Toy Boy has a very strong and sharp peppery accord that masculinize it enough.

The scent, to my taste, is decent for the most part and only gets really good very late in the dry down, about +8 hours later. The unusual bottle has nothing to do with what it holds inside.

More of a cool weather wear. It has a little bit of a fibrous texture, too, especially in the opening and mid. It is a pretty unusual release for a designer house. Pink pepper and rose combo scents are hard to wear, personally. They usually just come off too spicy. This is a very nice smell that I probably would never wear on my person. As so many times before almost all i blind bought this one.

Not 30ml i went for the 100ml big boy toy it was dead cheap, cheaper then a 50ml, so. Prolly something else to, but my nose picks up the rose and thats it. However its a light rose, not heavy in anyway. Out of this world at least on me. Yesterday it had it all day.

I guess its even better then Davidoff cool water intense, and that one is a hard one to beat in my collection Toy boy is very different and also very different from what i have. However, i only see that as a good thing Straight rose to my nose, until the dry down, when the spicy woody musky notes start to shine thru a little. Smells a lot like rose tea or rose water. I didn't like it at first since strong florals usually aren't my thing, but it slowly grew on me. Very unisex, but in the way that its best worn on a bold, edgy, androgynous type of person, like I can't imagine a girly girl or a manly man wearing this but rather someone who doesn't adhere to gender roles at all.

Sillage is strong as hell, I would not overspray this one, and its best worn in cooler weather imo, it can get a bit overwhelming in the heat.

Interesting fragrance overall, highly recommend giving it a shot. I thought my ph balance was off. During the opening I got pickles and rose. The dry down saved it after the pickle smell faded. This fragrance is, without exaggeration, an absolute pepper bomb. The pepper is extremely strong the first 4-5 hours until a faint rose note finally starts becoming more prominent, as well as a tart note that I assume is the pear everyone is referring to.

The rose is of a dry, spicy variety, How do you keep your dreads smelling good? exact opposite of a sweet jammy rose. This fragrance is rather linear, and it can roughly be broken down into 60% pepper, 30% rose, and 10% pear-vetiver-sandalwood. Is truly unisex, sills enough to fill a room, and has 10+ hour longevity on paper. I couldn't bring myself to spray How do you keep your dreads smelling good? on clothes or skin. I personally love this scent. I wanted something different so I sampled it at Nordstrom on paper and on skin and I fell in love with it.

All I gotta say is this scent is different but an amazing one! A sweet, smoky, woody masterpiece. Niche fragrance but if I lived in a darker colder climate, this would be my signature scent. Confidence is a must before walking out the door with this scent. As ridiculous as this sounds…. Sprayed 4 times 2 on the neck and back of the ear. First 30 minutes couldn't smell it at all. After it all I could sense was the rose and the pink pepper that was it, its loud very much so.

If you love Rose scents or want something little odd. Try it I've had this since August 2021. It was a monster in the heat. Nice, but a bit pissy and headache inducing. In the fall, I tried a new spray strategy - kept if off my neck and focussed it lower on the chest. Better but still had this vaguely pissy, astringent smell and not a lot of complexity. I would not call this sweet.

The clove is there, but in the background. Pear might be giving me something acidic though on me I think it is just an aggressive recognizable rose. After the fall wearing, I debated selling it. But my gut said: sit on it. This past week I got it out and. All the sharp edges blended together. I did a full neck, head, body How do you keep your dreads smelling good? and I am just sitting in this stuff as I type.

All the same elements, but they're now playing off each other in a magical way. Very, very masculine rose, vetiver, a bit of clove no real sweetness. Give this one bit of time. It is the masterpiece the hype claims it to be it just took me six months of not wearing it to realize it. After watching all the reviews on it, I tried it. And it does smell nice but it is pretty hard to pull off, a comment said it smelled like rose water, and it's pretty much what this is. Overall, I am impressed by its uniqueness, but sadly this doesn't really suit me.

If you like the smell of rose water then you might like this fragrance. Pear, pink pepper, and rose without How do you keep your dreads smelling good? sweetness. Pear adds a fresh, aquatic feel and the pepper married with the rose creates this conflicting feeling, like a married man hitting on you, or one of those gorgeous young boys in Morocco or Bangkok dressed up to the nines by their older men lovers.

Very sexy, but nuclear, so be careful. I imagine this is what the sweat of Adonis or Narcissus smells like. Can we be Greecian again?? This is a monster in a bottle!!! Absolut nuclear rosey scent with enormous longevity and sillage. Rose with some pepper and that s it, but i love it as it reminds me of huge perfumes in terms of power from the past. Drydown smells kind of like gummybears. Definitely u will get noticed with this, but only if you like this kind of scents I saw this one online but didn't think of it because of the mixed reviews positive and negative, I How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

it the other day in the store and decided to test it out of curiosity, I fell in love with it from the first spray, it's really different than any other fragrance I have ever came across, very unique and very good, I left the store and couldn't stop myself from taking a sniff off my hand every moment, it kept getting better and better as it dries down, the very next day I went back and bought it, very happy with it.

Got to my car and sprayed once on back of Hand. My wife immediately liked this and said it smelled like one of her Balenciaga perfumes. Not what I had in mind. As the day progressed I changed my attitude. Not a daily driver, but a well executed fragrance. It seems discreet but it lasts a very long time and all day long you have wift of cool spices and green rose nothing fruity.

Indeed it's good to see some enthousiasme in the designer perfume world for an original well done new creation for men instead of some neo-80's fougere boosted with new harsh chemicals like Sauvage. And I didn't know what to think or expect while waiting. The notes didn't exactly have me excited, the reviews and feedback did though. A truly wonderful scent, fruity with rose and a hint of pepper. The fruit is amazing and long lasting, I get a mango-ish pear.

The rose is of a modern ilk and not what I had thought it would be. I can see myself getting another bottle. Probably the excitement talking but hey. Great fragance, I must say. A really new take on rose. A little late to the party on this one, but Toy Boy is a masculine renaissance in perfumery.

Lasts absolutely forever, yet wears somewhat lightweight and is assuredly masculine in a way that transcends confidence. It reminds me as if you wore Spicebomb on a night out and spent hours dancing with a girl wearing some non-sweet rose perfume you never got around to asking the name of. As a man, I style this one the same How do you keep your dreads smelling good? I style Atomic Rose. I feel this goes best with outfits that possess no hint of color, but aren't full-goth.

Smelling this gets me excited like having just received an invitation to a party! An aura of roses, grounded in modern dry amber with strong herbal accent and an overtone of champagne. A declaration composed with the intention to be shared with those around the wearer, it is callibrated accordingly - it has a phenomenal sillage that never quiets down to a skin scent and lasts well above 8 hours.

Those who observe perfume trends will realise Toy Boy is a landmark for the mainstream, like the original Dior Homme was in its time. What a unique and different scent. I feel like this will go perfectly with my pink Lacoste shirt.

Maybe not as a daily scent but one for the regular rotation. Already got two bottles cause i am sure with this kind of projection and lasting its bound to get reformulated pretty soon. Strangely none of the other notes ever took over for that cool, fresh rose smell could have been a result of the temperature outside. This leans more masculine when the woods and chemical compounds of cashmeran and sylkolide come about, but I can imagine some women still pulling this off.

The pear adds to the sweetness, and the sandalwood blends nicely with the amber in the dry down. My girlfriend has the female counterpart to this How do you keep your dreads smelling good? I enjoy being able to have matching days with her where we each wear them.

This is in my opinion a serious and unique fragrance yet mass appealing enough to be enjoyed by many. Really not as feminine as the reviews would have you believe. I can see how one would think that How do you keep your dreads smelling good? as the scent progresses it becomes masculine.

On the fine line between masculine and feminine. If you have an open mind and have never had a rose frag this is a great buy! I finally got this and I really don't know why all the hate Really. Bought it after a long debate with myself. I was expecting it to be amazingly unique and courageous. Instead it was weak and quite feminine exuding mostly rose, floral and light woody notes. It would certainly be a nice summer fragrance for a kind and charismatic guy. I find this layers amazingly well with super sweet fragramces like Au Masculin or 1 Million.

When I mixed it with wood for him or Au Masculin It reminded me of burberry brit. This prompted me to feel like this is in a way almost a fragrance that is missing half the definition or notes. I still have to give kudos to any fragrance that goes outside the box these days because I'm tired of endless flankers or generic new releases. Tldr: this is a very nice inoffensive rosewood fragrance that I don't regret giving a chance.

Cheers Man oh man, I love this stuff. Sometimes I'm turned off How do you keep your dreads smelling good? overly masculine fragrances because they're too heavy, too loud, and too much.

Not every guy wants to smell like tobacco, leather, and a log. This is just masculine enough, just unisex enough, just floral enough. That said, it's not going to be for everyone. It doesn't give me a headache, which lots of fragrances do.

I can't totally decide on this one. I love spicy rose scents and I was intrigued by the idea of a masculine rose. I'm sure this would smell very sexy on a man. For the the opening is a dark, heavy in a good wayspicy rose. That's the scent that I smell on my clothes hours later, and makes me want to return to Toy Boy for another spritz.

But after about 20 minutes all i smell on my skin is ceder chips. I like ceder but in this case i feel like i smell like a pet shop albeit a very clean one! I despised this fragrance my first few times wearing it.

I thought this was something a 40-50 year old lady would wear. Let me tell you, this thing is a grower! I am so glad I persisted in wearing it So if you are initially feeling the same way as I did, just keep wearing this. Eventually you will come around and appreciate the scent. I can now see why people call this a masterpiece. I would not put it at that level personally but this does smell really good. The opening I am still a bit iffy about but that dry down though, this is a show stopper.

Even if you didn't end up liking it, you would be glad to have experienced the scent. It smells like rose water made fresh by an ever present aldehyde note and masculinized. Do note that this is still a rose scent, this is masculine but teetering over the edge to becoming feminine This gem is perfectly suited for someone who knows how to have fun and doesn't take life too seriously.

You must have the charisma to wear this, otherwise this fragrance will wear you and that would diminish the appeal. The charm of this fragrance lies on its boldness Probably one of my best accidental finds in Sephora. It opens with a fresh burst of pink pepper and pear but quickly, you'll be able to smell the watery, almost green rose note which stays throughout the longevity of the perfume.

The earthy but somehow clean-smelling vetiver pulls it away from being too overly sweet and I think it's what makes this perfume from good to great. It projects very far in the heat, and I've received many compliments from friends saying this is a unique scent, and it is.

It's the best take on How do you keep your dreads smelling good? masculine rose scent. It's never too jammy, too sweet, or too powdery. It's a modern, fresh, almost sparkly rose scent that anyone can wear. I love layering it with Le Labo's The Noir 29 if I want to dim down the sweetness of the perfume and add a tobacco edge underneath and I think it's a gorgeous combo. I wear this anytime I want to make a statement, and I think it succeeds at doing just that.

It smells much more expensive than its cost and I think everyone should get their nose on this frag. I can imagine many women loves this smell, but not all. Wearing this can make you the most intresting man in the room. Intresting but not because its overly sexy, no it has something else How do you keep your dreads smelling good? it. A confident man who comfortable in his own skin. Someone who stands out from the crowd. Goes his own way with an open mind.

Can you pull that off?? This one is for you. I definately dont think this How do you keep your dreads smelling good? feminine, maybe the rosy opening can be confusing to some because they overspray. How do you keep your dreads smelling good? drydown is a unique rosy, woody and musky combination with a somewhat pungent and decadent character. I think its patchouli and How do you keep your dreads smelling good? almondy note that gives it character.

Almond is not in the note breakdown, but I can definately sense it. Lasts forever, 8-12 hours on my skin. I absolutely love this fragrance. It smells divine and is extremely strong. I will definitely buy another bottle of this, especially as my current bottle is starting to run out!

When I spray this on the crease of my arms, it would give me a horrible burning sensation. Also, either it performs like crap on my skin or I get olfactory fatigue very quickly with this one, but after 20-30 mins I can no longer smell it on myself. Not even when I put my nose directly over where I applied the fragrance regardless of this, my family say they can still strongly smell it. I wanted to like this.

I quite like Roses Vanille by Mancera and was hoping this might be a more How do you keep your dreads smelling good? take on that. For me, this comes across as roses with dill pickles. It isn't really dill pickle, but it keeps reminding me of that.

I'll try it again later and see if that's still there, but for now, I appreciate what reviewers are saying, but I don't get it.

I heard a lot of YouTube fragrance scholars praising the originality of this and sampled it, since I've been enjoying floral elements lately.

I pick up something cedar-ish, though I don't see that listed. There's no leather in this. To me, it smells like something Burberry would put out. I checked this bear in the store yesterday. Manly fragrance in my opinion. Despite the other abundant amount of reviews, I would strongly encourage you not to blind buy this fragrance. This doesn't strike me as unisex at all. It certainly leans towards the masculine side. Just because one of its important notes is rose doesn't automatically make it unisex or female-friendly.

Whilst it does have rose in it, it also has lots of spice and pepper which last forever, mind you. Additionally, the rose is not the fresh and dewey kind - it's the whole rose kind with stems and leaves, but somewhat dry than fresh. The smell is thus rosy, spicy, animalic, chemical, synthetic, and green-aromatic at the same time.

Also, this fragrance fills a room, so be extra careful when using it. I personally treat it as a clubbing fragrance. To be honest, Cartier's masterpiece Déclaration d'un Soir is more unisex than this one. Also, this one has a ton of masculine ambroxan in it, especially in the dry down.

Think about the dry down of Dior Sauvage or other synthetic blue fragrances for men. That is mainly the reason I was put off by it because there are few notes that I dislike more than ambroxan. And this one smells strongly chemical, too. I just seriously don't think this is feminine in any way though tomboys are likely going to love this one. Please try it first, but don't just decide on the spot whilst the opening which is pretty impressive, mind you is still active. Wait a few hours for the dry down.

And then, if you still like it, you can go for it. I think it suits men who like to flirt. It can be charming for the right people. It almost got my attention, if only the dry down wasn't too potent and synthetic.

I don't really care much about the bottle design. It's cute I suppose, but I never buy perfumes just because of the bottle. Again, do try it first. Don't splurge just because the fragrance community has been hyping it. As a postscript, I'd like to say that according to my observation, Toy Boy seems to have found its popularity amongst gay men and tomboys, whilst Toy 2 is quite popular amongst women and surprise, surprise straight men the clean and sophisticated type like Korean oppas, not How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

like The Rock or Johnny Depp however. I had a sample of this and I really liked it. I sprayed few times a year ago, its been sitting since. I tried it the other day and the performance is absolutely bonkers stronger then it was when opened.

I could see this giving alot of people headaches. You can blind How do you keep your dreads smelling good? it as long as you're comfortable not being comfortable with it at first and layering it with your old-dad-jean fragrances until you step into your new-present scent.

Fast foward, I was recently at a perfume store sampling some newer stuff, and as soon as I saw the little black bear on the shelves I asked to sample it and boy oh boy, I instantly adored it and purchased it right after. First of all, the smell is not related at all with the bottle design, and with this I mean that the scent is way more elevated and classy although I must say the bear bottle looks silly and fun, classic Moschino vibes.

The rose scent is what really surprised me: delightful, fresh and vibrant, like when you smell a red rose in a garden on a summer night - not at all the ordinary rose smell one is familiar with, like the overly femenine or old-ladyish smell of rose water or powdery rose. The rose scent here is sweet and fresh, and when combined with the pepper and citrusy notes slight but present result in a lovely balance that I would say describe Toy Boy: a sweet-spicy-fresh scent with rose and pepper being its protagonists.

Deep down, there is a lingering base that supports the rose pepper combo, a silky, slightly incense-y and woody undertone that helps the perfume be more well rounded and less exclusively floral, a tad bit more masculine. It could easily be a unisex fragrance, but I think a more masculine skin chemistry could complement it better. I think it is a very well crafted rose fragrance, with a nice body and intensity, an excellent rose done well for a mens scent.

It is sexy and playful, yet not overly young, and elegant scent without being too stiff or mature. This kind of smells like love in a bottle. A nice sweet rose fragrance, very unisex. The dry down reminds me of a summer many years ago when I splashed rosewater on myself before going out. I wouldn't blind buy this as a man since it is quite sweet, I'm not much for sweet fragrances on myself but this one works.

It smells much better on my skin, very different scent aswell. I'm asking myself if I keep testing it just because I want to like it for the bottle? If it was in a 'normal' perfume bottle would have I given How do you keep your dreads smelling good? a second sniff?

So should I just try to find an empty bottle instead?? If anyone has one for sale, contact me! I ordered a sample vial and have tested it a handful of times now. It's challenging me, I just can't make up my mind about it. It's still on the fresh side, so you're not getting any heavy rose. Personally, rose and pink pepper are probably the only two notes I normally avoid if they're dominating. I'm not really getting much else here? Though last night the dry down smelled different, extremely pleasant, but by then the smell was so faint I could hardly smell it.

But I thought this must be what other people are getting?? It was a really nice smooth harmony of notes. But I will spray more next time to see if that would make a difference. If rose and pink pepper are your thing, though, then do test this perfume! It's very unisex, leaning slightly to the masculine side. Unless if you relate rose-scent more to women? I got this scent for my husband but I keep stealing it to spray on myself.

Tbh, this is the best male scent For me of 2021. Rose done well for a man! This goes through many changes as it dries down. This is not sweet as an Invictus, or 1 Million. The dry down is more on the masculine side the Vetiver, cashmeran and amber settle in, but the hint of rose is still there.

For me this has above average performance. It also has a pressure atomizer so…. It's good, but to me sells like a milder and more expensive Icon Intense by Police the black bird bottle and since they both share amber and bergamot, this can't be How do you keep your dreads smelling good?.

Received this How do you keep your dreads smelling good? on my birthday and it's very different to everything else in my small collection which I enjoy. I really like How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

bottle design and the atomizer is neat since it's pressure sensitive. On first spray it's very peppery to the point that it's all I can smell. Might be my skin chemistry? It's not bad at all, might just be my nose or that I'm a fragrance newbie, but How do you keep your How do you keep your dreads smelling good? smelling good? just smells like roses and only roses to me. I definitely recommend spraying this lightly and mixing it with other colognes if you want to smell extra fancy or sexy.

I've been mixing it with my Coach for men and I think it works quite well! Until the dry down from my first real wear of this I didn't really find this unisex. Then again I find the original One Million and Invictus by Paco Rabanne pretty feminine too.

That's just me and I'm far from a bro who bathes in Dior Sauvage or Creed Aventus. One youtuber claimed this was similar to an Initio fragrance called atomic rose and most male youtubers seem to like this that I saw so why not, I bought a 10ml decant of it to qualify for free shipping.

The big word that came up was how unique this is. I find being unique a breath of fresh air. However I love what their marketing team did to How do you keep your dreads smelling good? this they did a brilliant job. They had a lot of fun. The bottle is memorable and the name is so fitting so I'm glad this is a unisex fragrance it probably sold way more that way.

The opening of this my mother described best. The rose and florals come How do you keep your dreads smelling good? right away. But the florals in particular shouldn't be a surprise as the charts that fragrantica published they come out swinging with those. The rose isn't like dollar store rose scented bathroom spray or body washes designed for women. I remember when I was waiting for my fragrance order to get shipped and my friend wanted to buy a body wash and she got me to smell a few for a second opinion.

The pink pepper pairs really well with the other top notes. As it dries down there is a dark yet sweet undertone that starts to introduce itself and the floral notes attach themselves quite well and the rose starts to fade into the background as this dries down and the pear becomes pretty dominant to my nose.

How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

I'm not a perfume expert but how they blended this is masterful from my first real wear. I have no How do you keep your dreads smelling good? when I'd ever wear this. The website I use doesn't have the largest decant selection so it was either this How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

a Versace decant. At the end of the day scent wise this isn't for me and my personality or style as usually I like to recommend when to use fragrances, longevity is excellent, I could smell this on my clothes I sprayed this on days later.

I ended up gifting this after my first real wear. The rose is sweeter than How do you keep your dreads smelling good? because of the pear i think. Overall its a Very good fragrance, has a niche quality. Was very surprised that I liked this! It opens with a floral burst, kind of like a sweet floral garden, with some fresh notes on top. It is not a linear fragrance, it develops a ton during the day and it evolves in a really surprising way! Some people say its unisex, for me its more male, since it has some depth and woody notes that gives the fragrance like a dark feeling.

The opening is definitely unisex tho. Its a pefect signature scent, since its unique, it lasts all day, has awesome projection and it fits all seasons. Smells like rose and incense. The note of incense is not listed,but i guess the combo of notes gives that feeling.

Quite pleasant smell,does not smell synthetic,performance is good. Different from the other fragrances on the market. Some people say unisex,but for me it's a darker man scent. An almost intoxicating smell of roses. Moschino Toy Boy is one of the most unique and original releases in recent years. Although it was marketed as a men's fragrance, it is as just as, if not more suitable for women.

Toy Boy opens with a sweet, floral burst. Notes of berries, bergamot and pear hit the nose so hard it would seem like a women's fragrance. However, these sweet notes are quickly backed up by a deep, peppery rose, making it fit for men. The dry-down is almost entirely comprised of roses, with some amber and woody notes coming through in the last couple of hours.

Overall, the fragrance is unique, quite warm and best suited for colder days. Longevity on this is good; I usually get 7-9 hours out of it, with strong projection in the first 2-3 hours. Following those opening hours, the fragrance dries down, leaving just a bubble around me. It is still consistently strong and warm, though. Toy Boy is a very sensual and romantic smell that works its best on dates or nights out, but can still be used day-to-day.

I would not wear this to an office or someplace formal. As for who can wear it. To me, the rose in Toy Boy is one of a classy, slightly metrosexual man who is comfortable in their own skin. That is not to say that women can't wear it either, though. On women, this fragrance comes off as complex and mature, but not too mature How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

to appear ancient. There is a touch of youthfulness in this scent. Not once has this fragrance come off as cloying or too artificial. Compliment-wise, both sexes can expect a lot from women.

Men, expect a lot of other men to ask you if it's a women's fragrance. I wouldn't say it's a crowd-pleaser, but it is a mostly pleasant scent. Because of the divisive nature of roses in men's fragrances, this is not a safe blind buy, but I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I will definitely be using it during the wintertime as I just love the smell of roses. I doubt this fragrance will become too popular, so it is safe to be used as a signature scent.

Gents, if you're on the fence about purchasing some of this, trust me and just buy it. Although other men won't like this as much as other fragrances, wearing this will make you seem bold and unique, because there is nothing else quite like this on the market.

Although I have to say thr first time I smelled it I was not a bit fan due to me being new to perfumes.

I never use this fragrance by it self because its so potten! My signature smell and I think my discovery is 5 sprays of Prada Carbon all over the body with ½ spray on chest ¼ on each top of hand by knuckles and ½ on back of the neck.

It has given me 90% compliments. You can do the ½ and ¼ because the sprayer is preassurised and you can literally control how much you spray. I just gave you guys the best combo in perfumes, go get complimented. It's marketed as male but really it teeters on the feminine at times.

To me it starts off on the feminine side but the dry down is where it impresses me and kind of removes itself from the feminine and becomes neutral, almost androgynous. To my nose, the dry down smells like a honeyed rose even though honey is not listed in the notes.

It's strong so I think the most I'd go is a couple of sprays and this is not one I'd wear regularly. This is unlike anything else that I own and that's why it's a welcomed addition to my collection. Peppery rose, with good projection and sillage. Two sprays and I could still smell it in the morning. It's a wet wet rose and it smells so good. I don't get any of the pepper or wood or bergamont but that's ok. It's beast mode, a monster rose, an in-your-face-bouquet. You will get noticed and it will be for smelling like a rose so if you're insecure just go get a generic blue fragrance.

Not for everyone and not a safe blind buy. Smells like roses, manly roses to be exact. I have 12 colognes and keep this in the rotation. Had a woman come from 10 feet away to tell me she can smell me from that far and tell me it smells good.

Audience: anyone that wants to smell like a sexy dark rose Please feel free to contact me if u got questions : Healthy dose of black pepper combined with a large dollop of watery, acidic rose splashed onto pleather pants. Complete drydown smells very similiar to Florabotanica. That was not a love and neither is Toy Boy.

Bit too sharp and unappealing to my nose. I got rid of it fast. I do, however, like the shiny black packaging. Then, of all notes to take an out-sized chance on, Moschino chooses 'rose' for a potentially top-selling men's fragrance??

How about performance in a floral fragrance? Try about 7 to 10 hours average here for the typical user! As many here have said, you can wear this daytime, nighttime, all seasons, most occasions and weather--except when hotter. Undoubtedly perfumer Yann Vasnier knew exactly what he was doing when he created Toy Boy. You get an indication of his masterful talents and vision by taking a look at his note selection, which is clearly not all that typical of today's compositions.

This fragrance exhibits niche-level quality, composition and creativity, while delivering truly amazing wearability for a rose-centered fragrance; with Moschino and Mr. And how well has Toy Boy done since its release just a few short years ago? But try it before you buy it, since this is not recommended for a blind-buy purchase. This is something that you get after you already have some of the basic stuff - a couple summertime frags, a couple sexy frags, some frags to go with a suit and tie, a signature frag, etc.

After you own some of the classic smells, and want to find something different - something that smells almost like a niche fragrance with designer-level pricing - then you should probably go and get this. I bought this for my younger brother, nore as a joke, but I am keeping it! This is very autentic and perfectly unisex. On me I get a hige big and yes you could say fresh rose in the opening. In the heart ther is a tea like, green-ish magnolia coming through with an almost beesway tone.

In the dry down there comes something ever so slightly abrasive. A tiny bit asphalt like but realy subble. I sprayed this on the back of my hand 8h ago and have since washed my hands several times. There is still a faint powdery sandalwood left. Idk moschino is strange like that lol. But the bittel actualy some how manages to look not cheap. I get a full on rose leather on the first impression. Nothing like Le Labo The Noir. It does have good lasting power, but what was once a rose leather is now mostly sandalwood.

Second impression is much better. This is a more masculine and complex version of How do you keep your dreads smelling good? Malone Red Roses!

It is spiced up with pepper and also sweetened with fruit. It will definately wake you up. Although it is very refreshing Im still not very impressed with the opening. Unfortunately it reminds me of how some soaps could smell in 70s in every bathroom. But after about 15 minutes the drydown kicks in. It becomes much better with musk, amber, sandalwood and a hint of almond?

Yes it suddenly gets very intresting ,still floral but now with a very earthy greenhouse vibe. I really like the earthy tone, almost pungent. Im thinking I can wear this daytime dressed casual with jeans and why not a colorful shirt. Very versatile cologne, very fun. Personally I think it can be worn all seasons, but maybe take one less spray in the summer. The performance is amazing, two sprays goes a long way and probably lasts up to 5-6 hours.

My only quibble however is that after 5 hours of this, you kind of wish you can change the track Finally that bottle. On me it opens sharp, but rosey - pink pepper and rose with some incense which I absolutely love! It then settles into a more sweet rose and wood combo. It lasts hours on me and it layers beautifully with many other perfumes - I tried it with Armani Si Intense and Tarteel silver to How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

it up to the max How do you keep your dreads smelling good? I like my perfumes loud. Blind buy, I won't be keeping it as it's just not something I'd wear and I don't want a massive collection right now. However this is an excellent fragrance in my opinion.

Rather than my bottle collecting dust, someone should enjoy it, at least among 'men's' designer scents this is pretty unique. Extremely long-lasting for me, and it changes a little too actually becoming more my thing well into the dry down. I agree with some folk who mentioned a 'tea' like vibe I also get a lychee type aroma at times. Very interesting scent, especially for collectors. The opening is primarily rose with some pink pepper and a hint of pear, as it dries down the pear note and musk starts to come through a lot more.

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I would see this performing at its best in Winter, Spring and Fall time both day and night. I would personally use this the most for clubbing, parties and social events such as bars and pubs as this will defiantly turn some heads and pull compliments. I would also wear this to the office. If not, then smell first before buying. I've seen it as low as £28 for 50ml Interesting, wasnt what i was expecting to be honest, firt smell felt too much rose-y.

It transitions slightly from pure pepper to a rosy pepper after several hours, but I get nothing else from it—no sweetness, no fruit, no sandalwood, just sour, peppery rose. People say it's more unisex, but don't believe it.

This fragrance is very feminine leaning. On my skin it opens with almost a minty vibe, but that only lasts a few min, but after that it's rose, rose, and more rose until it gets to the woody notes. Speaking of those woody notes. What I get is the cedarwood smell of hamster cage or pencil shavings which How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

weird cuz its not listed in the notes but it's what I get and I hate that smell with a purple passion. Don't get me wrong I won't say it's bad cuz it doesn't smell cheap and the longevity is beastly, but it's just not for me Disclosure. I'm a 110kg regular gym attender. It opens up with a flowery note with a spicy, delicately earthy undertone, might actually be even incense. It's very rosey, but because of a faint earthy undertone, it's actually much more like a chrysanthemum to me. Don't worry, it's not like Encre Noire, Pure Malt, not even like Terre d'Hermes.

A ton of rose and chrysanthemum is followed up by magnolia, bubble gum like raspberry, watery feeling that's the pear I guesslots of underlying, spicy pepper which helps How do you keep your dreads smelling good? the opening up so that it doesn't smell like a cheap rose candle. Bergamote brings some nice, fresh, green, citrus acidity to the character.

Elemi supports with a resinous, spicy, complex, masculine feel. The opening is very, very complex, hence the long description. Dont worry about the clove if you hate it just like me - it only support the rose making it a bit darker and more complex, natural smelling.

It dries down to a fuzzy like in Dior Homme 2020 and cream, soft woodyness like a classic sandalwood while still staying rosey, magnolian, and in my opinion chrysanthemum first and foremost. For a flowery fragrance this is How do you keep your dreads smelling good?. My wife's flowery fragrances die in 4-5 hours, this keeps on giving after 7. Projection is strong, yet not cloying. Very versatile, just don't go past 2 in summer or one in heat, and go 4-6 the colder it gets.

About this being feminine - it's not. It is unisex, but the spicy, earthy, darker undertone helps it a lot.

Now if you're uncertain about your masculinity or are not confident enough you might not rock this. I'ma large guy and I don't have any problems wearing wife's La Nuit Tresor Nude, so I don't buy that to girly girl stuff. I respect Moschino for doing something absolutely opposed to modern mass perfumery. Overall, very nice…but pretty linear. Both have the peppery rose vibe that is super similar.

Longevity and projection of this is above average. Very versatile for fall, winter and spring. For me, this is a bit more formal and professional fragrance.

Overall, this is very nice fragrance. I will enjoy the 10mL decant…but not buy a bottle. However, as deranged as this bulky, black teddy bear bottle is, the scent itself is pretty rad.

It smells like a turkish How do you keep your dreads smelling good? or rose water tea, without giving any of the skanky, spicy, smokey middle-eastern vibes of Amouage. Rather, the dirtiness here is muted by quite lush, sweet roses- like smelling a sweet, pungent rose in bloom on a warm Summer's day. The scent gives the wearer the same dichotomy as the bottle. On one hand, they smell sweet like a rose, but on the other hand, they are probably a person who doesn't give a fuck about how they smell, or alternatively, are a sexual predator wearing it to lower the guard of their sexual prey.

It really does give How do you keep your dreads smelling good? impression of a Toy Boy. Imagine wearing a crisp blazer with black button-down shirt or black polo and going out to a bar, and wearing this, with no plans other than seeing how the night goes and enjoying yourself without a care in the world. Disagree: Don't get it wrong, this is not a rose forward perfume, this is a spicy first, floral second perfume, I tested this and then let my wife smell it, she said it smelled like a bunch of freshly cracked peppers on cutting board made out of rosewood, and that's a pretty accurate observation, pink pepper has that floral undertone to it which helps the rose shine even more, so it's not a punchy in your face rose.

Disagree: I'm also finding myself come to a complete disagreement with people saying that this is a linear, one dimensional fragrance, opening is spicy floral masculine, the dry down is resinous sweet feminine, it's like a two faced clown, and not a funny one, but How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

a surprising one, in a very pleasant way. Notes detected by my nose: pink pepper, floral notes, pear, cloves, sandalwood, amber and bergamot. Not blind buy safe at all, this is a very specific and acquired taste, not for everyone. Performance is monstrous for both longevity and sillage. Although unique and really pleasant, sadly the dry down turned my away from this fragrance, my wife might get it though, lol.!!! So everything about this gift from God is just brilliant!!!

Bless you Moschino for you lighten up every day it wear this perfection in a bottle. Will give it another wear tomorrow night to see if I can get used to the opening, especially since I have about 5 favourite fragrances that I find have a harsh opening but have accepted cause I love the dry down The most wearable unique fragrance I have smelt in a long time I can not describe it, was totally put off by the look of the bottle for a while but was intrigued by all the top reviews so purchased a sample and was blown away by it that i went and bought a bottle,am now looking to by a back up as this is definitely signature scent worthy.

Very rosy and floral but in a masculine way. If not very masculine, it How do you keep your dreads smelling good? not lean feminine too much; it can pretty much be unisex. The opening has a strong pepper scent but gone after a few mins.

Not sure if I like it. The projection is a beast by the way. Just got a decant and I'm blown away. This is like nothing else I've ever smellt. The best description for this fragance is the following: this smells like a flower shop owned by a masculine man.

The fragance smells super natural and there isn't any synthetic ingredient. However, this is definitely not for everyone. It does really smell daring and really floral, so you must try it first. It's a love or hate, and I'm on the love side. This isn't for winter times, as flowers smell beautiful year round. I live in a tropical country, but I feel that this can work well in spring and summer nights. This starts off with a Citrusy, then becomes fruity and sweet.

After that, it's very floral with a rosy aura. I would wear this on a rainy spring day. Doesnt seem like a winter scent thou, I don't get any of the woody or musky smell which are usually present in winter-ish purfumes, but that's just me. So I blind bought this based on the reviews. I can see it being unisex based off the opening but I really do love it so far. This is not as rad or unisex as it's been led to be.

This is thru and thru a manly scent, men can wear it regardless of sexual orientation, but I would be hard pressed to find a woman wearing this well. All the metrosexual, girly boy, or tomboy girl reviews are self-projecting and by no means descriptive of the high versatility of it, esp.

I wear this to work regularly and I've never been swagged out, so I have that going for me, since I won't be meeting the Dalai Lama.

Don't be afraid of your freedom! An absolutely amazing and unique scent. The rose is there but in the most masculine way possible, I cannot get enough of it and it has become my daily driver.

It's incredibly juicy and if i could describe the smell in a colour How do you keep your dreads smelling good? would be a dark purple. It was a blind buy that I am considering buying again because I love it so much. Can get it cheap on Notino! I could bathe in this perfume, it is absolutely stunning and different!

In my opinion one of the best fragrances that Moschino has éver launched. Like someone said here, it could have been niche. I'm also loving the fact that Moschino decided not to follow the, boring to death, 'blue wave' that's still going on in the perfume world. Hoping that more houses will follow this example. Looking back on my reviews for other fragrances, I think that maybe I went too in-depth on some of them. There's only so much you can write about something like Polo Black before you start to sound pretentious, and maybe I ought to go trim some of the fat off of my older reviews where it's not needed.

That will not be the case with this review, How do you keep your dreads smelling good? anyone who can describe Toy Boy in fewer words than I'm about to use is doing it a grave disservice. It is, without exaggeration, so far out in left field that not even Mookie Betts could haul it in from over the fence. The accord and note breakdowns are not lying to you: this scent is rosier than Rosie O'Donnell crashing a rose truck into the loading dock at the Rose Bowl.

It's so aggressively floral that you can practically smell the entire flower down to the chlorophyll in the stem. That opening floral mortar round is accented by, you guessed it, even more floral energy and some invigorating spiciness courtesy of pink pepper, a note which I have never encountered before using this fragrance but really needs to be more common because it's excellent.

After that initial plant-based piledriver, the scent doesn't change a whole lot, but as it dries down, it adds some very subtle extras into the mix that really start to make this fragrance shine.

You still get that aggressive rosiness, but the sweetness of pear and bergamot helps temper it some. The same can be said of the almost imperceptible muskiness of the sandalwood and cashmeran that makes itself known towards the end.

Casual fragrance users might get scared off by how strongly floral it is in the beginning, and I would totally understand that- this is absolutely not the fragrance to blind-buy. Nevertheless, I figured out that I liked this scent really quickly. The outward audacity of it is appealing in the same way that your best friend showing up in the wee hours of the morning banging on your window to try and incite a road trip is appealing: it's forceful and showy and it probably should be awful, but it's executed in a way that I just can't help but get wrapped up in and go along with.

It's fresh and spicy and good lord is it floral, it's just about everything I want in a men's fragrance but cranked up well past 11 to the point where the crank snaps off and the whole thing explodes. The utility on it is surprisingly good too, for something so floral. Such scents often wind up as ethereal whispers on one's skin, but not Toy Boy. It rampages on through the day like the bear the bottle is designed after come to life and turned loose in a department store.

Well over 8 hours later and I was still catching whiffs of the drydown on my skin and my shirt. For seasonal flexibility, How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

a bit difficult to pin down, but I think most any time of year except the peak of the summer is acceptable for wearing this. If it got really hot, I can see it being rather noxious in indoor spaces. What impresses me about this fragrance, though, is its brilliant unisex flexibility.

Moschino, you utter madlads, you did it. You won my heart over with your wild and wacky rose rocket and I can already foresee myself using up the massive bottle it sells in until the very last drop. Toy Boy now and forever. Just bought it today 30-09-2021. This is haevy in rose, but a dark one. It could be very unisex, it is a daring scent but I can see any man using it.

Just sprayed once back a go and it is very refined smell. But to my nose, it is a very nice scent, that is miles away from the normal stuff that are released these days. I can see it will have a good performance. Had to sample this after hearing all the raving reviews. It opens up with a ripe pear and pink pepper blast. Theres something about it that makes the pear almost sour.

There is something truly wonderful and addicting about this scent.

How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

You will get noticed and complimented. Fantastic release This one right here will change the game like one million did. You will hear people say its different because it truly is. Best way to describe the experience is like this. Say your in a car and got like a hour drive with the sexiest girl of your life sitting beside you.

She will go from hey this cologne is different idk how i feel about it 5 mins into the car ride, to having to pull over and well.

It grows on you the more you smell it and its fcucking amazing!! This guy is fun, jeans and a whimsical graphic tee with nice shoes—he can tell a great joke without punching down, knows good drink recipes, and flirts with just his eyes. Quick pink pepper How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

slice of pear, with a pinch of spice at the beginning, then an earthy—almost oily—masculine woody rose blooms in personal space for half the day. Drifts down to the skin with more woods and fluffy fiber notes—the way a new skein of silk mohair yarn smells, a bit musky and animalic, and so, so soft—for a few more hours.

Lighthearted, affordable and a nice change from the ginger-lavender-vanilla mash-ups that are everywhere right now. Wow, this is incredible stuff. Smells like a poisoned, sexy flower, or a dark rave club at night. Positive: it's such an unusual rose-heavy scent, but it's surprisingly masculine.

The rose is so dark that it lends a nice goth vibe. It's sweet enough without being too cloying, it's attention grabbing, and will make you stand out from all the other guys wearing Eros or 1 Million or Sauvage. Plus, it's an incredible performer; I could still smell this stuff on me the next morning after a night out with the guys. Buy a sample first, if you're curious. For me, this might become my signature scent, I love it that much. This is a seriously dark rose. Not quite black, but such a deep red you've got to be standing in the right light to see the difference.

There's a dusky, smoldering quality to it too; I think it's the pepper, maybe combined with the clove, that comes across as almost smoky. It screams sex without any dirty or animalic notes. I'm picking up on a hint of sour bergamot at the very edges, but it's faint. The most prominent notes here are rose, rose, rose, rose and pepper; everything else is secondary at best.

The opening is bold as hell, bordering on overpowering. If you're looking for something subtle, keep looking. I like it most after a few hours, once it becomes slightly more restrained emphasis: slightly. It's purely unisex, but I appreciate that marketing How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

a men's fragrance is the savvier, more transgressive choice. I would call it a citrus-green-spicy-rose-magnolia parfum. Probably, in my opinion, the best designer release of the past 4-5years.

This seems to have genuine projection and longevity comparable to how long lasting and potent fragrances used to be before the I. A started getting trigger happy with ingrediants allowed to be used in modern perfumery. This stuff is the real deal and genuinly that good. Can only hope this starts a trend with more designer releases doing things differently and giving thier releases this kind of performance, longevity and individuality this has been endowed with.

Thank you Joy Amin and Sebastian Jara for bringing this to my attention. Bravo Moschino and Jann Vasnier I will certainly be keeping an eye open for more of your releases respectively. Even if you like the smell of rose, you haven't smelled anything like this.

However, I must admit that I intensely dislike it. Do not let my dislike dissuade you from sampling this if the Fragrantica note breakdown which is very accurate for Toy Boy appeals to you. There are rose scented fragrances. Rose is still prominently at the wheel during the drydown but bergamot is also a backseat passenger. The base is still more rose with some flashes of cashmere and sandalwood. The longevity How do you keep your dreads smelling good?

sillage of Toy Boy are off the charts. Four sprays and you will choke out a room for hours. There are some fragrances out there that I hate and I just can't see how anyone enjoys them.

This is not the case with Toy Boy. I can completely understand how someone could love this and make it their signature scent. Once again, I applaud the perfumer for creating such a rose heavy scent that is still unmistakably masculine and for crafting such a unique, outside-the-box fragrance.

We need more mainstream, yet still avant garde, releases like Toy Boy. I am wearing it for two weeks.

Toy Boy Moschino cologne

It is a sweet woody rose pungent fragrance. I don't think it's a crowd-pleaser but it is unique. After a few weeks, I have to say. Repulsive frag, so strong and annoying. I can´t help, but it smells like manure and roses, to me. My bottle of Toy Boy arrived today from Selfridge's in London. One of my most dreaded scents in the world is Shaghaf Oud, and this smells like a combo of that mixed with Tom Ford Rose Prick which I love.

The floral rose note in Toy Boy is awesome, bridging masculine and feminine my fav. There must be some oud or saffron in Toy Boy and this is what reminds me so much of Shaghaf Oud. How do you keep your dreads smelling good? often we complain about, and for good reason, that many new fragrances How do you keep your dreads smelling good? not last or project enough. O N E spray on my wrist is going near full strength for almost 5 hours.

I don't enjoy constantly smelling what I am wearing non-stop. It is almost cloying, I can almost taste it, it lasts so long and is so strong! I will keep trying Toy Boy, as it seems very well made and a great value, but you must really like it, because you and everyone around you will smell it all day or night ; This was very disappointing, lots of hype and definitely did not live up to it.

On my skin, all I got was rose, pink pepper and more floral notes, 100% feminine and grandma scent. It was a spicy floral bomb. Again, that's on my skin, it may project differently on someone else. Hard pass on this nursing home crowd pleaser.

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