Question: What is the opposite of being vanilla?

Opposite of lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting. interesting.

What is the opposite of vanilla personality?

1. What is the opposite of vanilla relationships? The opposite of a vanilla relationship would be any relationship that strays away from the traditional path. For example, an open relationship will be considered the opposite of a vanilla relationship.

What is another word for vanilla?

Vanilla Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for vanilla?beigecharacterlessunvarnishedplain vanilla26 more rows

What does being called vanilla mean?

Vanilla is often used figuratively and according to Collins Dictionary: If you describe a person or thing as vanilla, you mean that they are ordinary, with no special or extra features.

What does youre too vanilla mean?

If you describe a person or thing as vanilla, you mean that they are ordinary, with no special or extra features.

One of the most prolific and of her era, she is known for her 20-year career. The recipient ofincluding nominations for foura and threeand a star on theDiaz was named the highest-paid actress over 40 in 2013.

As of 2018the U. Born inCalifornia, Diaz was raised in. While still in high school, she signed a modeling contract with. She made her film debut at age 21 opposite in the comedy 1994. She was subsequently cast in a supporting role in the romantic comedy 1997before appearing as the titular character in the ' hit comedy 1998which brought her increased fame and a Golden Globe nomination for. Her following two projects—the sports drama and 's surrealist fantasy both 1999 —lent Diaz a reputation as a dramatic actress, the latter earning her a second Golden Globe nomination.

Diaz's several successful early roles cemented her as a and one of the world's. Diaz earned a third Golden Globe nomination for her supporting role in the drama 2001 and appeared in numerous high-profile films in the early 2000s, including the action comedy 2000 and its sequel 2003as well as voicing the character of in the 2001—2010. In 2002, she was cast in 's period epicfor which she earned her fourth Golden Globe nomination. Her subsequent films included the What is the opposite of being vanilla?

comedies 2005 and 2006the psychological thriller 2009and the action comedy 2010. She also appeared in a supporting role in the superhero film 2011followed by starring roles in the comedies 2011 and 2014. Her final performance before retiring from acting What is the opposite of being vanilla?

's 2014 film adaptation of. Diaz has also written two health books: 2013aand The Longevity Book 2016. Throughout her career, she gained recognition for her severalincluding her roles in and other genres. Her personal life drew strong media attention throughout the course of her career, mostly regarding her relationships and fashion sense.

In 2015, she married guitarist ; they have a daughter who was born in 2019. Diaz has an elder sister, Chimene. Her father's family isand Diaz's ancestors had originally moved from to Cuba. Later they settled in, Florida, before moving to the area, where her father was born. Her mother has predominantly and ancestry. Diaz was raised in and attendedand thenwhere she was a schoolmate of.

We weren't privileged—very much the opposite. But we were very happy. The following year, at age 17, she was featured on the cover of the July 1990 issue of magazine. Diaz also modeled for 2 to 3 months in and shot a commercial for in in 1991.

He stated that he was offering her first right of refusal to them; she saw it as attempted blackmail and sued him. In July 2004, the 30-minute video of the photo shoot, entitled She's No Angel, was released on a Russian website. On September 16, 2005, Rutter was sentenced to more than three years in prison for attempted grand theft, forgery, and perjury.

Having no previous acting experience, she started acting lessons after being cast. What is the opposite of being vanilla? Mask became one of the top ten highest-grossing films of 1994 and launched Diaz as a. During this period, Diaz dated video producer Carlos de la Torre. Diaz subsequently starred in the independent black comedy 1995playing one of several graduate students who invite a group of to a dinner to murder them.

She was scheduled to perform in the filmbut had to resign after breaking her hand while training for the role. Besides a starring part in the little-seenDiaz returned to mainstream in 1997 with the romantic comedy. In it, she starred oppositeplaying the wealthy fiancée of a sportswriter who is the long-time friend of Roberts' character.

The film was a and is considered one of the best romantic comedy films of all time. In 1998 Diaz starred inas the titular role of a woman living in having several men vying for her affections. In films such as My Best Friend's Wedding and A Life Less Ordinary, Diaz has shown herself to be a good comic sport who is game for just about anything.

Here, it's no stretch to understand why, at the end of the movie, some half-dozen suitors have converged in her living room to throw themselves at her feet.

She was nominated for a in the category of Best Actress — Musical or Comedy. Diaz also starred in the critically panned comedy 1998.

What is the opposite of being vanilla?

The film received widespread acclaim and was an arthouse success. Her next film release in 1999 was 's sports drama 1999where she played a young team owner who a veteran coach has fallen out of favor with.

10 Ideas From Ultimate Guide To That Even Vanilla People Will Be Into

In the film adaptation 2000Diaz,and played the trio of investigators in Los Angeles. In 2001, Diaz starred in the Sundance-premiered independent dramaas a young woman who commits suicide in Europe in the 1970s, and next in the year, she appeared inas the former lover of a self-indulgent and vain publishing magnate.

Also in 2001, she voiced in the animated film. In the film, her character is plagued by a curse that transforms her into an ogress each and every sunset. Locked in a dragon-guarded castle for several years, she is rescued by thewhom she later comes to love. In 2002, Diaz headlined the romantic comedyplaying a single woman educating herself on wooing the opposite sex when she finally meets the man of her dreams.

Diaz at the 2005 After completing Shrek, Diaz starred in 's epic period dramaset in the mid-19th century in the district of New York City; she took on the role of a pickpocket-grifter and the love interest of 's character. Diaz next reprised her roles in the commercially successful sequels 2003and 2004.

The photos claimed to show Diaz cheating on her boyfriend at the time, Timberlake, with the married producer of her showShane Nickerson. After Diaz complained, the article and pictures were removed from the web and the hard copy did not contain any of the content.

The magazine apologized to Diaz, Timberlake, Nickerson and his wife for the distress caused and said the story was untrue and the picture showed no more than a goodbye hug between friends. In her following film, Diaz played opposite and in 2005a based on the bywhich focuses on the relationship between two sisters and their grandmother.

She followed In Her Shoes with a role in ' 2006also starring, and. In it she played Amanda, an American producer who arranges a with a British woman Winslet. Diaz receiving her star on the in June 2009. Diaz's What is the opposite of being vanilla? film of 2007 wasthe third installment in the Shrek franchise, which What is the opposite of being vanilla? featured Timberlake in a supporting role. The same year, Diaz also voiced Princess Fiona in a thirty-minute Christmas special, directed by.

A romantic comedy byDiaz and Kutcher portrayed two strangers who awaken together to discover they have gotten married following a night in which they won a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. In 2009, she starred in and. Based on 'sMy Sister's Keeper was released to mixed reviews in June 2009. In the drama, Diaz plays a former lawyer and mother of three, one of whom is dying of.

Set in 1976, The Box, written and directed bystars Diaz and as a couple who receive a box from a mysterious man who offers them one million dollars if they press the button sealed within the dome on top of a box, knowing that someone, somewhere, will die from it. Critical response towards the film was mixed, and, though having grossed its budget back, was considered a financial disappointment. Diaz at Paris press conference for held inJuly 2010. In 2010, ranked Diaz as the richest female celebrity, ranking her number 60 among the wealthiest 100.

Also that year, Diaz reprised her voice role of inthe fourth installment in the series. Also in 2010, Diaz reunited with her Vanilla Sky co-star in the action comedy film. In it, Diaz plays a classic car restorer who unwittingly gets caught up with the eccentric secret agent Roy Miller, played by Cruise, who is on the run from the. Beginning in May 2010, Diaz began dating former player. Their relationship ended in September 2011. In 2011, Diaz was cast as Lenore Case, a journalist, in the.

Directed byDiaz starred alongside, and in the superhero action comedy film. The same year, she played opposite and in 's adult comedy. In the film, Diaz plays an immoral, gold-digging -area middle school teacher at the fictional John Adams Middle School who curses at her students, drinks heavily, and smokes. Diaz, who filmed her scenes in a two-week period, portrays Jules Baxter, a contestant on a celebrity dance show and a host to a weight-loss fitness show, who becomes pregnant with her dance partner's baby.

Diaz's other film that year wasa remake of the 1966 directed by and scripted by. Diaz also voiced in 2012a British animated comedy film that What is the opposite of being vanilla? a deliberately completely inaccurate portrayal of the life of alumnus. In the thriller about greed, death, the primal instincts of humans and their consequences, Diaz plays a pathological liar and aan immigrant who is now living the What is the opposite of being vanilla?

after escaping a sordid past as an. While the film's reception was negative, her performance was praised as one of her best in recent years. Diaz's first film of 2014 was the romantic revenge comedy opposite, and. Her next film release in 2014 was the comedyin which she starred with as a married couple waking up to discover that a sex tape they had made went missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts. The role required Diaz to perform multiple scenes of nudity.

I've shown the top of my butt, the bottom of my butt. I'm not opposed to What is the opposite of being vanilla? nudity, as long as it's part of the story. I'll do whatever has to get done if it's the right thing. She took on the role of Miss Colleen Hannigan, the cruel control freak of the foster home where the titular character resides.

Diaz decided to take a break from acting following the release of Annie, stating in July 2017 that she became tired of traveling for What is the opposite of being vanilla?, and confirmed her retirement the following March. She then released The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time in June 2016.

She has since invested in health and biotech startups, including Seed Health and Modern Acupuncture. In May 2019, she was a keynote speaker at 's annual food festival. In 2020, Diaz launched an organic wine brand, Avaline, with business partner. In 2019, she reprised her role from with an uncredited in '. Activism Known for hershe was an early adopter of the and worked to promote 's campaign, raising awareness of. Diaz was also critical of the administration.

Personal life After appearing in There's Something About Mary, Diaz briefly dated her co-star. The following year, she began a relationship with actorwhich ended in 2003.

From 2003 to 2007, she dated singer.

What is the opposite of being vanilla?

Diaz married musician at her home inon January 5, 2015, in a Jewish ceremony. The couple had been introduced ten months earlier by her close friend who is also married to Madden's brother.

In December 2019, the couple welcomed a daughter named Raddix via surrogate. Acting credits and accolades Diaz at the premiere of 2007 Diaz has received throughout her career, including nominations for fourthree and a. In 2009, she was awarded on the. Acclaimed roles The following is a list of roles that have earned Diaz nominations for either an 0a 1a 4 What is the opposite of being vanilla?, a 3 or a 1.

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