Question: How big is Lake Starnberg?


Excursion tips around Lake Starnberg Bavaria's second largest lake is one of Munich's favourite destinations. If you are on a bike, you can not only cycle around the lake on a tour, but also easily discover the other beauties in the Fünf-Seen-Land. Our author cycled from Wörthsee to Weßlinger See and discovered plenty of places to stop for refreshments - like the Bräustüberl in Schloss Seefeld castle.

For those who prefer to walk and enjoy hiking, the Maisinger Schlucht and the Ilkahöhe in Tutzing are highly recommended!

Lake Starnberg : definition of Lake Starnberg and synonyms of Lake Starnberg (English)

Walkers also like the many paths along the shore. The villages around the lake are among the most exclusive residential areas in the Munich area, which means there is a lot to discover here. Expensive villas and lavishly renovated castles stand on lakeside properties with old trees. Restaurants, beer gardens and cafes with a view of Lake Starnberg With the impressive panorama of the Alps as a backdrop, the restaurants, beer gardens and cafés along the lakeside promenades are a wonderful place to relax.

The in Ambach, the and the kiosk-beer garden in Possenhofen are How big is Lake Starnberg? among the best known. But many recreational athletes also use Lake Starnberg for swimming, sailing or rowing - and stay overnight at one of the beautiful campsites or in a hotel with a lake view. Our author spent a day on the lake with his wife and daughter. If you prefer to explore Lake Starnberg on your own, you can also hire a boat.

Most boat rentals are located directly in Starnberg, which is especially exciting for visitors who come by S-Bahn. If you are travelling by car, you will find a boat rental in every direction on the shore of the lake. Of course, each provider How big is Lake Starnberg?

How big is Lake Starnberg?

a different offer: from electric boats for the leisurely to stand-up paddles for the sporty, everything is available. Today, a votive chapel and a wooden cross in the lake near the site of the accident commemorate the event. The island is about 2. If you want to visit the Rose How big is Lake Starnberg?, you have to take a boat.

How big is Lake Starnberg?

Here you will also meet wedding couples again and again who get married on the island at the Feldafing registry office. Travelling from Munich The quickest way to reach the lake is on the A95 road or S-Bahn train line 6 via Starnberg to Tutzing. Beaches on the lake are within easy reach of the train stations and car parks in Tutzing, Possenhofen and Feldafing.

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