Question: Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd?


Even though our platform is independent, asianbrides. Also, we may be paid by our partners for posting their services on our website. Once you click on a sponsored link on our website, we can get compensation from the respective company.

Although the amount of commission may determine where we place links and information about a certain service, it does Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd? affect the quality of our reviews Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd? evaluation of services in general. Also, you should not consider any information arrangement in our reviews as an advertisement.

Therefore, you can use any dating service or associated product even if it was not reviewed by us. Close IndianCupid is a dating platform aiming to connect Indian men and women all over the world. The official homepage facilitating lots of successful marriage stories tends to convince us of the efficiency of this dating resource. With an estimated number of 45,000 active users, IndianCupid can hardly be viewed as a serious hub for love-searchers.

However, similar to most dating resources, there are strong and weak sides associated with this site. In the given IndianCupid review, you will get an objective opinion on this dating platform. Summary of IndianCupid IndianCupid is a versatile dating website with a wide range of features.

No wonder, it has become so popular in Asia. It even has a mobile app for those who prefer a mobile dating routine. As with other dating sites, however, a gold and premium subscription is required to benefit from the Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd? range of functions. Also, users should be careful with the fake accounts, resulting from the poor verification system.

Generally, the chances of finding a good match on Indiancupid. With a well-customized and easily understandable interface, the website can be easily navigated.

The registration procedure on the site is quite simple.

Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd?

New users can log in using their email address or Facebook account. To become a member, you need to put in your personal details such as first and last name, age, and so on. When you have a profile, you will need to upload your profile photo by connecting your profile to Facebook or adding a new photo from your computer. This must be a good photo that will gain more visitors to your profile. That way, you have an opportunity to receive a high ranking in search outcomes and get more attention from other members.

Sadly, the verification routine is highly recommended but not mandatory. As a result, there are many fake profiles on the system that may cause problems for real users. How useful that information is, it is for you to decide. Finding more matches becomes possible through the specification of your preferences, personal features, educational and work background, as well as interests.

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Although you are not asked to fill out all the details, it is highly recommended to do so if you want a successful result. There are a few options to start interactions with other members on IndianCupid.

Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd?

By sending a heart to a person you like, you demonstrate your interest in him or her. If you are an upgraded member, you can send a message directly!

You may also do this even if you are a free member as long as the other member has a gold or platinum account. While the options of becoming an official member are limited, the website offers you some practical suggestions. Target Audience Indiancupid has around 45 thousand users, while over 1000 of them can be seen online every day.

The website was developed for Indian men and women men to get in touch with each other, although you can also find users from other Asian countries here. Meanwhile, the average user is represented by men in their 30s.

When it comes to female users, these are mainly women Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd? are in their 20s. According to Indiancupid reviews, there is an 85% response rate, meaning that users on the website are quite active.

The more information is specified on your profile, the higher your chances of finding a perfect mail-order bride. Pricing policies Registration at Indiancupid is free. With the free account, you will be able to get the first impression of the dating website.

You will get in touch with mail-order brides only Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd? upgrading your profile. There are two of them, each of which has a list of exclusive features offered for upgraded communication. You can choose the best options for you. This membership brings your profile to the top of all Indiancupid users.

Safety measures Similar to any other dating site, Indian cupid cannot guarantee your 100% safety. Despite having special anti-scam software that protects you from different kinds of fraud, it is still unable to solve the problem of fake accounts.

Members are offered to go through the identity checks before their profiles are verified, although most of them refuse to do that. Users should be aware of fake profiles and scammers. Thus, Indiancupid is open for scammer reports.

Also, you will notice how realistic the uploaded photos look. This brief analysis will reduce your chances of messing with fraudsters. Indiancupid is a dating platform aiming to connect Indian men and women all over the world. Currently, the website has around 45,000 active users, both men and women.

How much does Indiancupid cost? Registration at the Indiancupid website is free. With the free account, you will have a limited set of features. Who owns Cupid Media pty ltd? expand your services, you will need to buy a subscription.

There are two of them, each of which has a list of exclusive features offered for upgraded communication. The website has gained a relatively good reputation among users, although its poor verification system cannot protect the resource from scam profiles. As for personal data, special anti-scam software keeps it protected from different kinds of fraud. Indiancupid is owned by Cupid Media Pty Ltd, a company that develops database-driven dating resources.

Cupid Media was established in 1999 and is situated on the Gold Coast, Australia. What security features does Indiancupid have? IndianCupid features a top-class fraud prevention system provided by its Fraud Prevention team. Also, there are professional guidelines to avoid potential scams on the official homepage. Does Indiancupid have a mobile app?

Indian Cupid has its own mobile app, featuring the same range of services as the official website. Users can easily navigate through the app with its fast and simple navigation system. This makes it useful for all the members who want to open their accounts whenever and wherever they feel like it. How do I delete my Indiancupid account? You can switch off your account in the Settings section. On the bottom of the settings page, you will need to switch your profile off.

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Luckily, you will be able to restore your profile later on if you decide to come to the love search routine. We aim to display only the most up-to-date and clear information regarding our services and features. Still, if you doubt the relevance of a certain piece of information mentioned on our website, please turn to the associated service provider for clarifications. You can be sure that an independent consultation will be provided to you if you use any of our services.

The dating services that we review provide us with all this data, yet we have a right to edit and update it when needed. Although we are an independent platform, we may get a commission for your clicks on specific links in our reviews.

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