Question: How safe is Entebbe?


Hi Not a great idea to try and connect through to Kampala that night. If 22:30 is your arrival time, you'll probably have you leave yourself an hour to collect your bag and clear customs and immigration, which already puts you at 23:30 - and that's if your flight's on time. Entebbe and Kampala aren't far apart, but it's slow going, especially during peak time traffic.

Safe Way Guest House in Entebbe.

I'd just bite the bullet and book a hotel near the airport there are several, so check on a website like Trip Advisor for recent reviews. I don't know whether you're immediately connecting to a tour from Kampala, but if you aren't on too tight a schedule, there are a few interesting things to do around Entebbe. My husband has been there a few times on business, and was hugely impressed by his trip into the Mabamba Swamp, where he had wonderful sightings of the shoebill stork I am still trying to forgive him for doing this on his own!

There's also the Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, although I have no personal experience of this. Regards Cathy There are lots of nice places to stay in Entebbe, and I would possibly advise against traveling on to Kampala given the late hour - although it is quite safe along the Entebbe-Kampala road, and your worries at that late hour believe it or not is the atrocious late-night drivers! I would recommend Windsor Hotel formerly Lake Victoria Hotel.

And do not How safe is Entebbe? to pick some fine Uganda literature to read - Moses Isegawa's Abbysinian Chronicles, Doreen Baingana's Tropical Fish, Robert Bwire's Chain of Spring Love, Okot P'Bitek's Song of Lawino!

travel between Entebbe and Kampala

Enjoy Uganda, home of some of the world's most hospitable people! Aloha from Kauai I saw your Post above.

How safe is Entebbe?

I think How safe is Entebbe? will be arriving on the same flight you had, at least, we are arriving at the same time but in June. Did you decide to go into Kampala that night or stay near the airport.

How safe is Entebbe?

I will be meeting a group the following day at a hotel in Kampala and would prefer not to have to pack up the next morning and go into Kampala but rather go directly to the Kampala Hotel. Mahalo living with Aloha, the Coconut Wireless Aloha You answer was very helpful. Would you recommend the company that you pre booked?

Or was it really to late to make you want to use them again. It was done through a travel agents, whose name I have forgotten, but there are plenty of official airport taxis that are competent.

How safe is Entebbe?

Yes, I travelled the same route, crossing the equator twice in one night. It is a circular flight, which returns to Ams from Entebbe. The queue at immigration is a bit irritating, but it moves reasonable quickly and luggage is cleared efficiently. The exchange rate at the airport is similar to that in town, unlike many airports. How safe is Entebbe? would recommend that if you are travelling at night first book a hotel in Entebbe.

There lots of Hotels near Entebbe Airport. Am sure you will be spoilt for choice, however if you feel that you'll need to get to Kampala urgently, it is also possible and safe too. At that time of the night you only spend about 30-40 minutes to reach Kampala.

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