Question: Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

Who is considered the greatest guitarist of all time?

Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix has been voted the Greatest Guitarist Of All Time by readers of the Louder website. Over 70,000 votes were cast in the poll, with Hendrix topping a list of 50 guitarists, followed by Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Who is the most skilled guitarist?

1) Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Hendrix is the most skilled and innovative guitar player of all time, and its not particularly close.

Where Does Eddie Van Halen rank as a guitarist?

Van Halen is among the top 20 best-selling artists of all time, and the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Rolling Stone magazine put Eddie Van Halen at No. 8 in its list of the 100 greatest guitarists.

Who is the youngest guitar player?

The youngest professional guitarist is Yuto Miyazawa (Japan), who had played numerous paid engagements on national television throughout the world as of 4 August 2008, aged 8 years 165 days.

Is Eddie Van Halen one of the best guitarists?

The Greatest Guitarist of All Time Across the course of Eddies 40-plus-year career, he took what could be done with the guitar to a level not see since Jimi Hendrix. Eddie Van Halen was voted number one in a Guitar World Magazine poll for “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.

Who is the greatest rock and roll guitarist?

The 10 Greatest Rock And Roll Guitarists Of All TimeJimi Hendrix (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) ... Eric Clapton (The Yardbirds, Derek and the Dominos, Cream) ... Stevie Ray Vaughan (Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble) ... David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) ... B.B. King. ... Prince (Prince and The Revolution) ... More items...

Is Taj Farrant a boy or girl?

Turns out an Aussie school boy by the name of Taj Farrant also has some impressive skills. At the age of just nine, little Taj appeared on The Ellen Show earlier this week, impressing host Ellen DeGeneres and her millions of viewers with an impressive performance of Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses.

And today, we are going to honor them with this list of the 34 best female guitarists of all time. So scroll down and find out which of the greatest female guitarists made it to this list.

Here Are the Best Female Guitarists Date of Birth 20 March 1915 Birthplace Arkansas, U. Her gospel recordings were unlike anything heard before — a unique blend of spiritual lyrics with distorted tones and killer electric licks! Born in Cotton Plant, Arkansas, into a family of religious singers and cotton pickers, Tharpe was already playing the guitar and singing by the age of four. At six, she was on the road accompanying her mother to perform at religious concerts as a part of a traveling evangelical troupe.

Tharpe became famous for her precocious talent at a time when racism was rampant and black female musicians were a rarity. Her signature sound was a fusion of blues, jazz with gospel music. Born in a tiny Canadian town of Macleod, Mitchell overcame adversities- crippling disease as a child and cash-strapped youth to being revered as a living legend today.

As a non-conformist and somewhat of a maverick, Joni Mitchell liked breaking the mold with her emotionally compelling lyrics, evocative vocals, and imaginative guitaring. Her seminal hits and complex songwriting inspired several well-known names to embark on their musical journeys. Bob Dylan, Prince, Bjork, and Taylor Swift, among many others, quote Mitchell as their major source of influence on their careers.

Her affinity for open tunings is partly due to the childhood bout with polio that weakened her left hand, making it hard to play traditional chords. So, when life gave her lemons, this self-taught guitarist went ahead and developed a style that aspiring guitarists strive to emulate.

Date of Birth May 10, 1909 Birthplace Nickelsville, Virginia, U. Her mastery over the instrument was so incredible that she came up with new ways to incorporate guitar into music. Before Carter came along, a guitar was mainly used only to provide background rhythm.

With her groundbreaking fingerpicking technique, where she picked the melody on the bass strings while strumming the rhythm on treble strings, Carter expanded the role of a guitar to a lead instrument.

As a young prodigy par excellence, Carter learned to play guitar at the age of thirteen by ear. Her daughter, June Carter Cash, and son-in-law Johnny Cash, both country icons, carried on the staggering legacy of Maybelle Carter.

Date of Birth 29 November 1957 Birthplace New York City, New York, U. She then took her talents to play alongside another British guitar legend, Jeff Beck, with whom she recorded and toured from 1999 to 2001. Date of Birth 7 December 1986 Birthplace Los Angeles, U.

Bands Alice Cooper, The Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale Hailed as the Queen of shredding, Nita Strauss is widely known for her ongoing stint with the legendary Alice Cooper and former association with the all-tribute band The Iron Maidens. But She is also a super successful artist in her own right. Watching Strauss navigate the length of the fretboard on stage is an absolute delight!

Her shredding is explosively fast but at the same time dynamic and melodic. Date of Birth 17 Who is the most talented guitarist ever? 1960 Birthplace Downers Grove, Illinois, U.

Bands Muriel Anderson Muriel Anderson is a master of her craft! The way she works her magic on an acoustic, as well as harp guitar, is absolutely captivating. Born into a particularly musical family, Anderson learned piano and guitar pretty early on in life, forming a bluegrass band in high school. She made history by becoming the first female guitarist to win the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship. Her instrument of choice is the 21-string custom-made harp guitar which has both nylon and steel strings.

Anderson is not only a gifted musician but a charitable soul who, through her Music for Life Alliance, works tirelessly towards making music accessible to every child across the country, regardless of economic and social background. Date of Birth 16 March 1954 Birthplace San Francisco, California, U.

Together with her sister, Ann, Wilson became a part of Heart, a group of hard rockers who went on to become one of most successful bands in the genre with over 35 million in record sales worldwide. In 2013, Wilson became a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and was also recognized by Gibson Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

the eighth-greatest female guitarist of all time. Date of Birth 3 June 1987 Birthplace Tunica County, Mississippi, U. Her rise as a formidable blues icon empowered many women to live their dreams. She continued playing there on and off over the years, eventually getting discovered by a talent scout for Columbia Records. Date of Birth 24 August 1979 Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, U. Bands Kaki King With her alternate tunings, technical sensibilities, jazz fuelled melodies, and a spectacular stage presence to boot, Kaki King, is easily one of the most innovative acoustic guitarists in recent times.

Apart from a stellar career as a solo performer, King has contributed to the soundtracks of many notable shows and movies, including Into the Wild and The Twilight Saga.

Date of Birth 22 September 1958 Birthplace Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, U. For her playing the guitar was all about breaking barriers to pave the way for future female musicians.

With her rebellious attitude, magnetic energy, and brilliant music, Joan Jett ended up becoming one of the most influential women in music. As the lead axe-woman for the band, Ford was hailed for her sensational pop-metal hooks and phenomenal shredding prowess.

The goddess of shredding has recently launched her own range of guitars and also became the first female to be given The Certified Legend Award by Guitar Player in 2014. Date of Birth 5 January 1893 Birthplace Carrboro, North Carolina, U. To say she had a difficult childhood would be an underestimation. Born to a musically inclined family, Cotten was playing songs by the age of 8, but financial woes forced her to quit school and work as a domestic maid.

Her unique fingerpicking technique came about when she had to play guitar meant for right-handed players being left-handed herself. Cotten then started playing it upside down which made her play bass lines with fingers and melody with the thumb. Bands Covet Most of the names on the list up till now belong to icons of yesteryears.

Does that mean there are only a few prominent female guitarists today? With her fantastic dexterity, complex harmonies, and advanced ornamentation, well-known YouTuber Yvette Young indeed leads the pack. Young started out by learning piano at the age of 4 and violin at seven but was drawn to the guitar, which she taught herself. She weaves her sound using a unique playing style in the backdrop of a fusion of rock, classical, and folk music.

Talk about pure, unadulterated talent! Date of Birth 28 September 1982 Birthplace Tulsa, Who is the most talented guitarist ever?, U. Though her weapon of choice is an electric guitar, a quirky designed one at that, she is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who plays bass, piano, organ, and theremin.

Widely known by her professional moniker, St Vincent, Clark often talks about how her love for grunge bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden was what drew her to the guitar. Joining Polyphonic Spree swung her career into motion. She then started touring with Sufjan Steven before forming a band of Who is the most talented guitarist ever? own. Date of Birth 8 November 1949 Birthplace Burbank, California, U. Bands Solo You cannot have a list of iconic female guitarists and not have ten-time Grammy-winning Bonnie Raitt on it!

With her phenomenal slide playing, distinctive vocals, a fusion of blues, rock, folk, and country music, Bonnie Raitt has been winning hearts for decades.

Raitt has inspired an entire legion of female guitarists, paving the way for future generations with her trail-blazing success and musicianship. Her colossally successful career packed with roots-influenced best-selling hit singles goes on to show just how well Raitt knows how to craft a tune.

For all of this and more, Bonnie Raitt ranks high among one of the most influential female guitarists of all time. Date of Birth 18 October 1984 Birthplace Portland, Oregon, U. A musical prodigy through and through, Spalding was performing as a violinist with the Chamber Music Society of Oregon when she was just five. She further made history as the youngest faculty ever to teach at her alma mater, the prestigious Berklee School of Music, beginning at age 20.

Who is the most talented guitarist ever? Spalding is known for her virtuosic bass skills, her talent extends to a violin, oboe, clarinet, woodwinds, and guitar.

As a musician, Oritanthi is constantly challenging herself. Her astonishing guitar abilities can be gauged from her dazzling licks with Steve Vai to anchoring the lead parts for Alice Who is the most talented guitarist ever?. She got an opportunity of a lifetime rehearsing with Michael Jackson when he chose her for what would have been his comeback tour. With her blistering solos, fiery riffs, catchy hooks, Orianthi has cemented her place as one of the best female guitarists the world has seen.

She also has five Juno Awards and The Order of Canada under her belt. Date of Birth 19 July 1940 Birthplace New York, New York, U. Bands Bo Diddley As a child, Peggy Jones first learned ballet, was trained in opera, even performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall at just nine.

She then started playing the ukulele before finally discovering her love for the guitar and dedicating her life to it. Not the one to slow down, Jones remained musically active even in her twilight years. She passed away in 2015 at the age of 75. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Sultana was only three when she started playing the guitar, which she received as a gift from her grandfather.

As a teenager, she began busking on the streets of Melbourne, eventually becoming the vocalist of a local band, Mindpilot. The video fetched more than a million views within days, eventually clocking over 40 million views. Her multi-layered, loopy sound is a mix of trip-hop, indie rock, reggae. Date of Birth 9 November 1970 Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts, U. Tedeschi sings as well as she plays. Her soaring vocals and searing Who is the most talented guitarist ever? are the stuff of dreams.

The pair have been musing amazing music together as Tedeschi Trucks Band since 2010. Date of Birth 20 February 1953 Birthplace San Bernardino, California, U. Bands The Cramps As the co-founder and guitarist of the famous punk-rock band The Cramps, Kristy Marlana Wallace has had a pioneering influence on American punk music.

Recognized by stage name Poison Ivy, Wallace alongside her husband Lux Interior, created adventurous, punk, and rockabilly-tinged music for over three decades. As the band grew and evolved, so did Wallace. Over time Wallace started belting out sensational solos. But Wallace remains to this date a role model for a generation of aspiring female musicians.

Date of Birth 29 August 1968 Birthplace Berlin, Germany Bands Rare Essence She has been nominated for eleven Grammies, but that hardly does justice to the fiercely talented and adventurous Meshell Ndegeocello. As one of the most prolific female bassists the world has seen, Ndegeocello has collaborated with a wide range of artists from various genres.

A well-stacked resume of working with The Rolling Stones, Alannis Morissette, John Mellencamp, Madonna, as well as a slew of amazing solo records, are testament to her versatility.

Music experts hail her as a key contributor in driving the boom of neo-soul. Her signature sound is a delicious blend of soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, reggae, and rock that keeps the listeners hooked! Date of Birth 24 March 1935 Birthplace Everett, Washington, U. Bands Session Bassist With 10,000 session recordings in her resume, Carol Kaye is arguably the most prolific bassist in the history of rock and pop. You cannot work with so many distinguished names from different genres and styles without being Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

versatile. The jaw-dropping ease with which Kaye can adapt to eclectic styles makes her one of the most sought-after studio musicians ever. Date of Birth 1 October 1994 Birthplace Madison, Wisconsin, U.

Bands The Fine Constant Next on our list is YouTuber Sarah Longfield, whose talented fretwork on an eight-string and quirky sense of humor has made her a bonafide internet sensation. A master at two-handed tapping, Longfield is always looking for new sounds, textures, and tones, as well as techniques to express herself.

Her collaboration with Rob Scallon on some ukulele covers of metal songs catapulted her popularity, which she followed up by forming Who is the most talented guitarist ever? band, The Fine Constant.

Date of Birth 18 September 1957 Birthplace New Jersey, U. Bands Emily Remler Jazz virtuoso Emily Remler was only 32 when she died of a heart attack, but even in her brief career, she created a legacy that changed the face of jazz forever.

Following the footsteps of her idols Charlie Christian and Wes Montogomery, Remler perfected her skill and stunned the world with Who is the most talented guitarist ever? fluid and imaginative playing.

Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

Thank you for sharing your awe-inspiring gift with the world! Date of Birth 18 March 1976 Birthplace New York, U.

Bands The 8G Band Her lightning-fast playing, inventive tapping technique, and sonically textured sound firmly place Marnie Stern in the league of modern guitar idols.

Some of The Greatest Guitar Players of All Time

All of her four studio albums have been a feast full of clever hooks and frenzied finger-tapped melodies that have garnered rave reviews. Sadly, Stern has not got the commercial success she deserves despite the critical acclaim and getting ranked as one of the greatest guitarists in several polls and lists.

But I hope that she gets the fan following that she so deserves soon. She started learning the instrument at fifteen, first from her father, then a private tutor, who she surprised by coming up with her distinctive style. At 19, Popović formed Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

band, Hush, with whom she spent three years playing at clubs and blues festivals across Serbia, Greece, Hungary before disbanding to study jazz guitar in the Netherlands. She has built an incredibly impressive body of work over the decades, with each album further cementing her undisputable command on the guitar.

Her ever-evolving craft can be witnessed on Experience Hendrix tours, where she is the only female member. Date of Birth 23 December 1966 Birthplace Brazil Bands Badi Assad An amazing combination of technical prowess and sheer creativity, Badi Assad has been astounding listeners with her music ever since 1995.

Her unique fingerstyle playing and melodies have brought her a lot of much-deserved attention and adulation. She is the sister of classical guitarists Odair and Sergio Assad, both of whom are accomplished guitarists themselves. This is a condition mostly seen in musicians and golfers — a neurological disorder that causes involuntary spasms in small muscles across your body. Date of Birth 13 August 1988 Birthplace Israel Bands The Iron Maidens, Danny Elfman, Tony MacAlpine This young gun is one of the guitarists proudly carrying the legacy of virtuoso guitarists forward!

And the moment she graduated, she was almost instantly asked to join the line-up of Who is the most talented guitarist ever? pretty epic bands — one of which was the iconic Tony McAlpine. Plus, her shredding prowess has been on full display as the guitarist of The Iron Maidens — a role she has moved on from. Brosh has a unique voice all her own on the instrument, made up of classy shredding, intelligent melodies, and memorable compositions.

Watching her switch between Who is the most talented guitarist ever? shredding and slow tasteful licks is an absolute treat! She taught herself the guitar by ear at the age of 16, and her style is incredibly unique and impressive. Bucci uses a versatile range of techniques and puts them to good use — often switching effortlessly between Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

winding, emotive passages to blistering shreds in the blink of an eye. Bucci has done some great work with her band Gamalon and can be heard on Youtube, and she has also released 3 solo albums of her own too.

And despite her prodigious musical talent, she is taking time to explore and enjoy her visual artistry at present. And the rest, as they say, is history. She is a true master of the instrument that has popularized the Flamenco guitar to the world. In fact, Charo has admitted that her onstage persona may have swayed people to not notice the seriousness with which she plays and views her instrument.

Her approach uses several interesting open tunings and has a signature bassist-like thump and pop style. Her guitar playing style is above and Who is the most talented guitarist ever?

that of most folk-pop singer-songwriters, and its powerful impact on her overall musical style is obvious. Powell has not only gained respect and recognition for her technical guitar prowess but for her high degree of professionalism.

Final Thoughts We hope you enjoyed this list of some of the top female guitarists over the years, and hope that it inspires you to polish your own craft even more — whatever it may be! Enjoy and keep playing that guitar! This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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