Question: Is OurTime com a free dating site?


OurTime. As advertised on their many TV commercials, OurTime is for people 50 years old and up. Like, OurTime is a paid service. While it isnt free, you can browse profiles for free, and that is worth something in the online dating world.

This profile has not been claimed by the company. See reviews below to learn more or. OurTime is an online dating community for people in their 50s, 60s and older. Through the app, users can customize their profiles, browse curated matches and exchange messages. How do I know I can trust these reviews about OurTime.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. To use OurTime, you must download the app from the App Store or Google Play and set up an account. You have the opportunity to customize a dating profile and match criteria. You can also update the profile and match settings at any time.

The app also sends a personalized daily list of matches that meet your criteria. With a paid subscription, you can send messages to other members and see when your messages have been read. With the free version, you can reply to messages if the paid subscriber assumes the cost. The red dot Is OurTime com a free dating site?

that you are offline and not available to take messages. What does the green dot mean on OurTime? The green dot means that you are online and able to receive messages. If you would like to go offline and not answer messages, hit the green dot once. Yes, you can download OurTime for free. However, most of the best features are considered premium and require you to pay. How much is OurTime per month? Who owns OurTime dating service?

OurTime is currently owned by People Media. The same company owns several other dating Is OurTime com a free dating site?, including Match.

Is OurTime com a free dating site?

OurTime is good — for those who get matches. Some reviewers complain about possible scammers, but that happens with almost every dating site. To learn more, read OurTime dating site reviews below. Original review: May 23, 2022 Zero stars --- Negative stars. I enjoyed this site for about a month. After that, I began to see that they don't take down obvious scammers -- one obvious stolen model picture had several listings; a different first name and town on each.

I cancelled my subscription at renewal and thought that was that. I soon began getting email notices from match. I did not sign up for match. I replied to cancel, and informed them I'd already cancelled. My card was not charged. There is no phone number to call that I can find. Original review: May 18, 2022 Well a friend of mine who knows me very well she advice to give a try with the OurTime dating app. She told me then I can just take a look without pay anything for it.

So I have nothing to lose. I spend 3 hours go through all the Women of my same age. Oh by the way I'm 56yr old very attractive man - according to my friend.!!

I quickly become very depressed because there is nothing really attractive. Some women are posting their cats and dogs pictures. Why you even are on the dating app? So then I went to bed.

Is OurTime com a free dating site?

The next day I have just 1 like and 1 matched but I can't see them or communicate with them because I need to pay for it. Trying to motivate me to pay for the membership.!! Conclusions considering the unattractive pool of women outime offer me? There is not way I pay for it.!!

Original review: April 9, 2022 I can't access Messages from my phone and Messages are the key way for people to meet. It won't save my password although I keep asking it to.

More problems I don't remember. Is OurTime com a free dating site? have contacted them three times asking they either fix the problems or refund my money; the only answers I have gotten are computer generated notices that they received my message. Original review: March 17, 2022 A unpaid membership is worthless, you can't send a message or respond to one. As a premium member Is OurTime com a free dating site?

still don't have access to 2 perks, you have to pay more. Their discovery section is supposedly to see matches to your profile, what they do is show every member they have regardless of your filters. Their rules are very loose giving them the a ability to cancel any member for what they call 'Fraudulent activity'.

That happened to 2 people I was in contact with, don't bother questioning the reason they won't tell you. Their customer service is horrible, one woman advised me to drop my concern. I sent 2 questions through the help center, their answer was not what I asked, it was an answer to other subjects.

The 1st thing I noticed was how few members they have, now I know why. Original review: March 14, 2022 Well I went to the site because it was for older adults. I figured more adult and less game playing. Immediately I was met with challenges in regards to reaching out to members and buying a higher tiered subscription. But as I scrolled through some of the pages, I started to notice women that were barely in their 20s let alone 50.

I went to the reviews section and I was shocked. This site is nothing more than a money grab. I really had hoped that this Is OurTime com a free dating site? a good site but based on what I have read and briefly experienced, you will never get any money from me.

You all should be ashamed. I'm sure there is at least one but I just couldn't read through all the bad ones. Original review: March 8, 2022 I would not recommend this site to anyone.

Do not believe or trust any of the people on this site. There are more reputable dating sites than this. The profiles prey on senior citizens.

They need to be put out of business. As a member you can message other members. There is no way to go back and look at a person Is OurTime com a free dating site?

second time if you clicked to bypass. I can't tell the search to stop displaying Canada members. A real waste of time. Every few people a screen shows up wanting money for this or that.

It displays people that liked me who magically disappear, they simply vanish. You can put in a mile limit for Search. There are many, many non members shown just like full members with nothing showing their status, another effort waster. The site is very crippled and limited. I paid for just 1 month. I am glad I did not pay for longer. I finally got a hold of someone who told me I have to ask Apple for the refund.

I wanted to cancel because the clients they have are not the features I was looking for. I have been a member for over a year and I have many more bad experiences than good. It does no good to select a geographic area of interest for dating.

I live in Arizona and get profiles from Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and even Massachusetts to name but a few. I have also had several single mothers in their early 30s post photos of older ladies, possibly their mothers, and claim to be in their 60s. I have had at least 6 scam attempts from people who claim to be widows and who give false names and contact information.

The most recent was two days ago. The site is owned by People. There is a serious lack of security and quality control on Our Time. And of course they also try to sway your decisions with virtual flowers and gifts.

Is OurTime com a free dating site?

I prefer to actually give real, material gifts to a lady who I am interested. Their Customer Care staff is laughable. When I called to report a scam I was told to let them know if it happened again. I will not renew my membership. I can not, in good faith, recommend Our Time to anyone of any gender. It's expensive and once you become a Member they are constantly trying to upsell you.

Small universe of Members, most are far away. If I want to message them, I'll do it myself. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency.

OurTime Free Trial 2022 : How to have OurTime for Free

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