Question: What car looks the best?


With the availability of aftermarket products that are meant tothere is no shortage of people that spend large amounts of money and time to modify their rides.

What car looks the best?

The modding and tuning industry is a multi-million dollar business that produces amazing What car looks the best? and body kits that when properly used and executed, turn otherwise normal and discrete cars into.

In this article, we look at some of the best looking results of wide-body kits on 15 everyday cars. Via Autoevolution The Toyota Corolla is among the most popular and best-selling cars on the planet. Reliable and practical, Corolla's have long been a favorite car to mod by tuners looking to boost both looks and performance. The above Corolla is a great example of how putting on a wide body kit can turn an everyday car look awesome.

Hyundai i10 Review 2022

Related: Via Reddit With its forty-year production history, the Passat has always been marketed as a family sedan, and rightfully so owing to its full size and more sedate handling, compared to its brother the Golf. This Passat, with its large gaping front and wide body kit would probably be more suited to fast runs than a family grocery run. A full-sized sedan with a decent V6, Accords have a restrained persona that is shed in the most vibrant and way possible by the paint and body mods that this Accord was given.

This V60, with its lowered height and modded fenders are a great example of how good-looking a Volvo can be. This What car looks the best? kit specifically made for it however turns the volume all the way to 11 on how much it changes its appearance, making it a potential Ford Focus rival.

Via Youtube One of Toyota's best-selling sedans, the Camry has gone through many changes within its model line up that saw it evolve from a boring car associated with sales fleets to the present generation, that is muscular but refined.

What's the Best

Adding this widebody kit does the Camry justice, but highlighting its more angular form, making it like a grown-up Corolla. Via Nicoclubforums The Infinity Q60 is already a great car, with a robust engine and sporty looks, Infinity did well in its engineering and design. Via Pinterest Tesla cars are among the best electric vehicles made, their long range, great engineering, and cool designs have them a hit among critics and buyers alike.

This Model S however, with its well-done body kit is a great example of how Tesla's are not just eco-friendly, but mod-friendly as well. Next: Karlo watched a lot of Mcgyver back in the 90's and grew up trying to be a Mr. A fan of cars and bikes, and most anything with an engine, he divides his time between work and family. A leading business development, project manager in the auction and liquidation industry, and What car looks the best?

for various local and national government offices in the Philippines. When not at work, Karlo spends his time at home, with family, either being the cook or fixit guy in his house.

What car looks the best?

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