Question: How many can you miss on the BLS test?


A: Please review the withdrawal policy here: All withdrawal requests must be made in writing to Examination candidates may withdraw their examination applications. Renewal Candidates: may withdraw renewal applications. A: Your first and last names must be spelled correctly and match the first and last names on your government-issued identification.

Training and Test Questions and Answers for ProCPR Online CPR Certification

John E Smith Absence or presence of a middle name: John Smith vs. John Evans Smith Absence or presence of appendages: Jr. Mary Jones Smith Requests for legal name change due to marriage, divorce, or a court-approved legal name change must be sent, in writing, with a copy of the marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court-approved legal name change document.

Name changes requests may be sent by mail to the address below.

How many can you miss on the BLS test?

For fastest service, please send an email to. This is the master list of contact-hour entries. All your contact hours from your account will copy into each application. You are encouraged to create an account by accessing nursingworld.

How many can you miss on the BLS test?

If you have created an account, each time a document is received for you, you will be notified via the email address listed on file. A: Rescheduling or cancellation of an existing testing appointment, within the exam window, can be made up to two 2 days prior to the appointment, at no additional cost.

Rescheduling or cancellation requests which are received less than two 2 days prior to an existing appointment will result in a forfeit of all testing fees.

How many can you miss on the BLS test?

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