Question: Who is the real father of Natsu?

What happened to Natsus dad?

History. 400 years ago, Natsu and Zeref were born to their mother and father, living peacefully in a quaint village. However, a Dragon raided their village, killing him, his wife, and his youngest son, leading Zeref to eventually revive his younger brother as an Etherious.

Who is the real parents of Natsu Dragneel?

As the story progress, it is revealed that the Natsu is actually Zerefs younger brother who died 400 yrs ago along with his father and mother and resurrected as E.N.D(Etherious Natsu Dragneel). Igneel, Natsus foster father, teaches him sacred(Lost) dragon slayer magic and sent him in present(future for Natsu).

Who is the real Natsu?

Originally Natsu who died about 400 years ago, he was revived as Zerefs greatest Demon thought to be strong and powerful enough to make even Acnologia fear him and kill his own creator. He was voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara in the Japenese version, and by Todd Haberkorn in the English dubbed version.

What magic does Layla Dragneel use?

Layla DragneelCharacteristicsMagicMagicFire Dragon Slayer Magic Dragon Force Lightning Fire Dragon ModeWeaponsLightning Flame Ji19 more rows

While he was a child, his parents moved back to their hometown of. Long had a younger brother, Stephen, who died of meningococcus at age four, and a sister, Amy. Long graduated from in Helena in 1981, where he played football and wrestled. Long attendeda private Catholic College in Helena.

He played football for two years and began boxing. In 1985, Long won the Golden Gloves heavyweight title for the state of Montana; he won runner-up in 1986.

Long graduated from Carroll in 1986, with a degree in English literature and writing. A car struck him, and then another ran over him. He had brain swelling and was not expected to survive, but recovered. In order to marry his Roman Catholic girlfriend, Long agreed to getting himself baptized as aand was baptized at the in 1994.

However, Long felt a Who is the real father of Natsu? the priesthood at this time. He decided to forego the marriage. To test himself in learning that priesthood was indeed his true calling, Long taught for three years ata Catholic school in Mission Hills, California. Following this, in 1997 Long gave away most of his possessions and began discerning religious life with the in New York. He was sent towhere he earned a master's degree in philosophy.

However, after two years, the Franciscans encouraged Long to discern diocesan priesthood, and he was accepted as a seminarian by bishopwho sent him to.

During his time at the seminary, Long experienced some difficulty walking, which doctors initially believed to be a treatable case of. However, he was eventually diagnosed witha rare progressive muscle disorder similar to.

Who is the real father of Natsu?

Long became despondent, but later developed a determination to live the faith with the time he had left. Long was ordained a in 2006, but seminary formators had doubts about whether he could fulfill his duties as a priest, and considered making him a instead. During this time, Long visited thebelieving that the would miraculously heal him. When he was not healed, Long was devastated and felt abandoned, Who is the real father of Natsu?

after visiting the grotto a second time, he felt a profound peace. According to a close friend, while visitingLong had some sort of mystical encounter withafter which he felt he was being called to carry his disease for Christ. After returning home from the pilgrimage to France, Long learned that Bishop of the Diocese of Helena had decided to ordain him. I kept hearing the same message over and over again: 'There is power in suffering, move him forward.

Barring a miracle, I'm going to die from this disease, but I carry it for the cross of Christ, and we can all carry our crosses. Long was popular there, but had to be transferred to another parish after a year due to difficulty with the church's stairs.

In 2010, he moved to a long-term care facility in Helena, where he continued ministry as a priest, relying on others to transport him. When his condition deteriorated and he was no longer able to leave the facility, people would come to visit him there instead.

As he grew weaker, friends assisted Long to celebrate Mass by guiding his fingers to touch the right items. His parents went through and were received into the Catholic Church, and Who is the real father of Natsu? of the healthcare workers at the care facility converted to Catholicism. Long was also a member of the.

Nashi Dragneel

Long died on June 9, 2014, in Helena. He was buried at Resurrection Cemetery in. After Russell dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, Rosalind Ross penned the script and then signed on as director in her directorial debut.

Who is the real father of Natsu?

Long's parents and a number of friends, neighbors, parishioners, and clergy were involved in its production. The film was theatrically released on April 13, 2022, during.

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