Question: Who is the poison lady in Wolverine?


Ophelia Sarkissian, better known as Madame Viper, is the secondary antagonist of the 2013 superhero film The Wolverine. She is a beautiful, yet evil and mysterious woman who used snake-like powers to poison and/or kill others. She was portrayed by Svetlana Khodchenkova.

I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice. Born as James Howlett to a wealthy Canadian family at the end of the 19th century, he was forced to abandon his family after the tragic manifestation of his bestial abilities of acceleratedkeenly enhanced senses and bone claws in each hand.

Adopting the name Logan, he wandered the world, living a long life filled with blood, war and betrayal, having vile as his archenemy and the Japanese warrior as his sensei. Unfortunately, by acting as a lone wolf, Logan was an unwitting subject of the and had his bones coated in indestructiblebecoming an even more lethal asset.

Who is the poison lady in Wolverine?

Rescued and assisted by andhe joined as a Canadian government operative known as the Wolverine. Later, Logan was invited by to join thea team of heroes fighting for peace between humans and mutants. Proving Who is the poison lady in Wolverine? be a challenging addition to the X-Men due to his aggressive behavior, Wolverine was constantly in conflict with his fellow teammate. However, he has gradually grown fond of the X-Men, considering them to be his new family. As a recurrent member of the X-Men, Wolverine has also become a noteworthy member of the.

Moreover, he has been tasked to run the secret mutant strike team known as to protect mutantkind's interests by employing lethal force. Wolverine was also responsible for reforming the after parting ways with Cyclops and leading his own faction of X-Men. When all mutantkind was granted asylum by Professor Xavier on the mutant-exclusive nation ofWolverine was one of the first of its residents. Although currently suspicious of the cost of this apparent safeplace for mutants, Wolverine still works as the field leader of X-Force, which evolved as an intelligence organization in charge of special operations to counter-attack assaults against Krakoa.

Wolverine (character)

For a complete history see Early Years Dog, Rose and James Logan's life began in Cold Lake, sometime between 1882 and 1885. As a boy, James was notably frail and prone to bouts of allergic attacks. He was largely neglected by his Who is the poison lady in Wolverine?, who had been institutionalized for a time following the death of her first son, James spent most of his early years on the grounds with two playmates that lived at the estate with him:a red-headed Irish girl who was brought in from town to be a companion to young James, and a boy nicknamedThomas Logan's son and James's half-brother.

The children were close friends, but, as they reached adolescence, the abuse inflicted upon Dog warped his mind. Dog made unwanted advances towards Rose, which James reported to his father. In retaliation, Dog killed James' puppy, leading to the expulsion of Thomas and Dog from the estate. Thomas, in a drunken stupor and armed with a shotgun, invaded the Howlett Estate with his son and attempted to take his former lover Elizabeth with him.

James had just entered the room when this occurred and his mutation finally manifested: bone claws extended from the backs of his hands and he attacked the intruders with uncharacteristic ferocity, killing Thomas and scarring Dog's face with three claw marks. Already an emotionally disturbed woman since the death of her first son, Elizabeth, completely unhinged, drove James away and took her life immediately afterward with a blast from Thomas' gun.

Claws pop for the first time. James with Rose's help decided to flee the mansion after Dog told the police that Rose was the one who killed John and Elizabeth Howlett, the duo decided to ask for the help of James' grandfather who gave them some money and told them to run away. The duo Who is the poison lady in Wolverine? found themselves in the Territories in Canada, taking refuge in a stone quarry, under the guise of being cousins.

Who is the poison lady in Wolverine?

During this period, Logan developed strong feelings for Rose, but could not act on them for the sake of their guise as cousins. Logan leading a pack of wolves.

But as Logan accepted Rose's decision and made sure that both her and Smitty could leave the mine and live a peaceful life, someone from Logan's past came back looking for revenge: Dog.

Dog attacked Logan and started to beat him up in front of Rose but in the midst of the fight, Logan finally remembered who Dog was and what happened on the night his father was killed. He then defeated Dog and was about to kill him with his claws, Rose tried to Who is the poison lady in Wolverine?

Logan but she accidentally fell and was impaled on his claws which killed her. Shocked by what happened, Logan's mind shut down and he decided to abandon the civilized world and lived with the wolves. In the years that followed, Logan was tracked by Dog once again, he encounteredhe then met who was obsessed with mutations and of the Creed family before finally coming back to the civilization.

Not long after Logan met for the first time who Who is the poison lady in Wolverine? revenge for what Logan did to his family, Victor Who is the poison lady in Wolverine?

him and sent him to the where he was tortured and experimented on by Nathaniel Essex once again but thanks to the help ofLogan was able to escape. It was supposedly around this time thata supposed immortal being who used and manipulated the members Who is the poison lady in Wolverine? the Hudson line Logan's mother's family for decades, decided to take an interest in Logan.

The Death of Silver Fox Logan facing Victor Creed after the death of Silver Fox. Later, Logan, apparently under Romulus' guidance, traveled to andwhere he met for the first time who was working for Romulustheand faced once again Victor Creed, now calling himself Sabretooth, who was also working for Romulus.

At some point later, Logan traveled to another frontier community in the and met a young Blackfoot Indian woman, namedwith whom he fell in love. The two shared a cabin together and lived happily for a time. Enraged, Logan battled him in a bar, only to be defeated and almost killed. Sabretooth then manipulated a feral, mindless Logan into believing the people of a nearby town had ordered Silver Fox's death, prompting Logan to slaughter the inhabitants of the town and falling under Romulus' control.

The Immortal Warrior Logan surviving the Hiroshima bombing. In the years that followed Silver Fox's death, Logan traveled all around the world, he became a soldier, a mercenary, an assassin, and outlaw, a spy, and a samurai, fighting in many wars.

He met his master and father figureand fought with or against or both individuals such as whom he trained in martial arts, the vampire hunterfellow mercenary,and. Logan also met several that would became some of his fiercest enemies, such as,and. After the end ofLogan, under Ogun's advice, sought redemption for his past actions inJapan, where he studied within order to learn how to be a man and to leave his warrior nature behind. Here he fell in love with a local woman named. They married and conceived a together which filled Logan with joy, but Itsu was murdered by the now brainwashed Bucky Barnes, a.

Believing that both his wife and child were dead, Logan disappeared. To avenge their deaths he went to see an immortal swordsmith namedwho used a piece of Logan's soul to forge a mighty blade that Logan would Who is the poison lady in Wolverine? years later. Logan was then retrieved by Romulus' organization and brainwashed once again, but unknown to him, Romulus also took the child from Itsu's womb and he was safely born and adopted by a Japanese couple.

By 1961, Logan, known as Wolverine now, joined thepart of thewhich had been created to fight the mutant menace. During this time, Logan and the others received memory implants via staged scenarios, telepathic manipulation byand other technology.

Weapon X also duplicated Wolverine's healing factor and implanted it in Team X, slowing their aging processes. In 1966, Logan also helped Nick Fury deal with the in where he discovered the existence of alien life and was possessed for the first time by a. In early 1968, Wolverine was called to Who is the poison lady in Wolverine? in a facility located in Dallas, Texas, where he was shot with bullets, which slowed his healing factor so that Weapon X or Romulus could know how to kill him.

The bullets were removed but Logan awoke earlier than expected, and he regained his memories for the first time in years, because they hadn't been altered yet. Logan tried to keep the secret,and he rendezvoused with Team X inwhere the team was sent to steal the in order to sabotage the Russian Super Soldier program and savea double agent.

After retrieving the device, the team was attacked by the product of this new Russian Super Soldier program. During the team's escape, Sabretooth, apparently aware that Wolverine had regained his memories, killed Janice to reinforce Wolverine's conditioning about innocents dying when he overstepped Romulus' boundaries. In the end, Team X was able to escape from Omega Red but it seemed the Carbonadium Synthesizer was lost. In truth, Wolverine was still in possession of the Carbonadium Synthesizer and decided to hide it from the rest of the team.

After this event, Logan quit Team X in late 1968. Logan's Women and the Mongrels During all those years, Logan met and fell in love with many women and unknown to him, he also fathered a number of children. Those children would be found later on by another of Logan's sons, Daken, who would give them to an evil organization who wanted revenge on Logan for what he did to them in the past:. On Daken's advice, the Red Right Hand trained them in order to use them as weapons against Logan, but knowing perfectly that they wouldn't stand a chance against him.

They would be known as the. After he quit Team X, Wolverine joineda secret Canadian Defense Ministry branch with ties to Weapon X. Years later, Langram was sought as an operative by thebut he refused, and was then slain by Sabretooth, hired as a mercenary. Logan and Carol then decided to trackwho wrote a book about the rise of superhumans and whose name was at the top of the list.

The duo found him in New York and were able to save him from an assassination attempt, they then told him what they had found. He wasn't surprised and explained to them that he discovered the existence of genetically superior beings who were living amongst them: Mutants. But more importantly he also discovered that some of those mutants weren't benevolent and were planning to kill all the members of the inner circle of the Hellfire Club in their search for power, but to that end they needed to keep the existence of mutantkind a secret.

After infiltrating the Hellfire Club in order to learn more, Logan and Carol were lured by and Sabretooth to a Canadian Hellfire Club facility where Sabretooth confronted them. After discovering that Sabretooth killed Perry Edwards and several government officials to make sure the existence of mutantkind couldn't be revealed to the public, Sabretooth told Wolverine details of the Club's intent to guide a war between mutants and humans.

Sabretooth tried to kill Logan, and during their fight he told Logan that it was time for him to admit the truth: he was a mutant just like him and that was why he was so obsessed with mutants. Logan, realizing that Sabretooth was the one who had killed Langram, proceeded to defeat his foe by stabbing him with his sword. Despite the severe injury, Sabretooth wasn't done and he decided to bomb the facility, but Logan and Carol were able to escape in time.

Sabretooth survived and also escaped later on. After this adventure, Logan and Carol parted ways, but after he started to talk about this conspiracy with the Ministry of Defense and after bursting in both Department H and the Hellfire Club during this adventure, Logan's reputation was now dirt in his country. As a result, he tried to forget about the mutant problem and decided to go to the Yukon. To make things worse, Logan's natural mutation started to take its toll on his mind around that time, giving him nightmares and visions every night to the point of turning him crazy and feral.

As a result, Logan started to abuse drugs and he became an alcoholic. This self-destructive behavior led Logan to accidentally shoot a fellow agent at a firing range one day and as a result he was dismissed from Department K and decided to leave Canada.

The Weapon X Experiment Logan prepped for the adamantium bonding process. At some point, before leaving Canada, while in his Lotus Seven, Logan was pumped full of Thorazine, beaten, and kidnapped by a group of armed men from the Weapon X Project, possibly under Romulus' orders. The man known only as the, and then began to examine Logan while he floated in a containment tank. Logan's skeleton, including his claws, was Who is the poison lady in Wolverine?

with the indestructible metal known asmaking it unbreakable, and burying his personality beneath the most intense brainwashing he had ever undergone. Logan was Who is the poison lady in Wolverine? put under deep hypnosis, telling him that he was not a man or individual, and being a man disgusted him.

Reduced to a near-mindless state, Logan was apparently forced by Weapon X to slaughter every inhabitant of the small town of as a test. Logan proved to be too difficult for the Weapon X Program to control and, after some time, he broke free of the programming, fell into a berserker fury and escaped the facility, killing nearly everyone except for the Professor, Dr. Hines, andwho later became the Director of a new Weapon X Program.

Unknown to Logan at the time, the Winter Soldier was apparently present and helped him escape from his captors. As a result of having his bones and claws laced with the adamantium, Wolverine's natural mutation which was slowly turning him feral was put into remission as the adamantium precipitated a chemical change within his body. As a result of this experiment impeding his natural evolution, Wolverine's healing factor was weakened and he healed slower than before. Facing the Hulk and Joining the X-Men.

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