Question: What happens if you accept offer on Shpock?

Once an offer is submitted, the seller can accept or make a counter-offer, you are then asked to confirm the deal. Once the deal is confirmed it is legally binding and can no longer be cancelled.

Do Shpock offers include delivery?

Today, Shpock launches a new partnership with Parcel2Go to offer door-to-door contact-free deliveries. ... Selling an item on Shpock is still free. Shpock is supporting the social-distancing cause by helping cover the additional charges for contact-free door-to-door delivery.

How do I counter offer on Shpock?

If you want to make a counter offer open the offer screen and tap “Counter offer”. You can negotiate the item price but if its a delivery offer, only the seller can change the shipping cost.

How long does Shpock refund?

Once weve completed our investigation well let you know and if we decide in your favour, youll receive a full refund within 5 days.

Buyer protection

You landed the new position at the new company, after a round of interviews. You got the call, you negotiated salary, and you accepted the job offer.

In the time before you start, you might want to schedule a brief break between jobs so you can go into the new role relaxed and refreshed. Write your job acceptance letter You accepted verbally but you also want to put it in writing.

You may get a from your current employer that includes a higher salary or sweeter perks. Resist the temptation to accept. Remember all the reasons you looked for a new job in the first place. Have you received multiple job offers?

What happens if you accept offer on Shpock?

As you withdraw yourself from consideration, keep your sentiments positive and express appreciation. Your soon-to-be former boss and coworkers are important parts of your professional network. Add them as LinkedIn connections.

What happens if you accept offer on Shpock?

Get their personal email addresses. Go out to lunch one last time. You may find yourself working with them again. Leave your electronic and paper files in good order. Now is also a good time to give your desk a thorough decluttering and cleaning, making sure you don't leave behind anything personal. Stay in touch with your new manager Your formal job acceptance letter should not be the last time your new boss hears from you before your first day on the job.

Buyer won't pay on Shpock

Ask how you can prepare for the first day, if there's any paperwork you need to fill out, where and when to report, and if there will be an orientation.

Finish strong and display a positive attitude. Thank any colleagues who helped you learn and grow professionally in the job. Make the most of this time to create a smooth transition as you prepare for the next exciting chapter of your career. Do you want to continue your search?

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