Question: What airport code is BMI?

What airlines fly out of BMI?

The airlines flying out of Central Illinois Regional (BMI) include: Frontier Airlines, Delta, American Airlines.

Whats the name of the airport in Bloomington Illinois?

Central Illinois Regional Airport We are Central Illinois Regional Airport (CIRA) at Bloomington-Normal, serving the Central Illinois region! You may also know us by our airport code, BMI.

What airline flies out of Bloomington Illinois?

Which airlines fly from Bloomington? Frontier Airlines, Delta and Allegiant operate most flights from Bloomington.

What airport code is MSN?

MSN Dane County Regional Airport/Code

What is Baltimore airport code?

BWI Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport/Code

Is MSN an international airport?

Dane County Regional Airport (DCRA) (IATA: MSN, ICAO: KMSN, FAA LID: MSN), also known as Truax Field, is a civil-military airport located 6 nautical miles (11 km; 6.9 mi) northeast of Downtown Madison, the capital of Wisconsin....Dane County Regional Airport.Passenger volume815,000Based aircraft (2021)1584 more rows

How many airports are in Madison?

There is one major airport that we recommend for commercial flights into Madison (Wisconsin). You can research nonstop direct flights into multiple airports, whether youre flying international or domestic, using connecting flights, or even landing at a smaller local executive airport in your private jet charter.

How many airports are in Baltimore?

The State of Maryland owns and operates two airports: Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshall Airport, and Martin State Airport.

What city code is MSO?

Missoula Montana Airport Missoula Montana Airport (IATA: MSO, ICAO: KMSO, FAA LID: MSO) is located in Missoula, in Missoula County, Montana.

What airports does Delta fly to in Wisconsin?

Delta AirportsATW - Appleton.EAU - Eau Claire.GRB - Green Bay.LSE - La Crosse.MSN - Madison.MKE - Milwaukee.RHI - Rhinelander.CWA - Wausau.

Does Urbana Champaign have an airport?

The Champaign airport (University of Illinois Willard Airport, airport code CMI) is served by American Airlines and located about a 15 minute drive from the University of Illinois campus. Flying into Champaign is the most convenient and most hassle-free way to get to the University of Illinois campus.

On this page This month, there are 233 flights arriving at Bloomington Airport, which are 56 flights per week or 8 flights per day. These two routes together are operated 124 times this month, and make up for 53% of all monthly arrivals at Central Illinois Regional Airport.

This non-stop flight takes around 2 hours and 33 minutes and covers a distance of 582 miles 937 What airport code is BMI?.

Bloomington BMI Airport Shuttle Service

Flights from United States to Bloomington There are several airports within United States that have domestic flights to Bloomington 9 in total. From Atlanta, direct flights are offered by Delta SkyTeam. From Chicago and Dallas-Fort Worth, you can fly with American Airlines Oneworld. From Denver, the only airline with direct flights is Frontier Airlines. This is a seasonal route that starts in June and ends in November.

This is a seasonal route that starts in June and ends in September. From Detroit, you can fly non-stop to Bloomington with Delta SkyTeam. From Orlando, direct flights are offered by Allegiant.

What airport code is BMI?

From Orlando, the only airline with direct flights is Frontier Airlines. This is a seasonal route that starts in November and ends in April.


From Tampa, you can fly non-stop to Bloomington with Allegiant. Alternative airports near Bloomington Flying to an alternative airport near Bloomington could give you other options to reach your destination.

What airport code is BMI?

For example, the possibility to fly with a different airline or alliance, or finding a cheaper airfare.

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