Question: What is Dr Whos real name?

Which profession has the highest IQ?

Doctors (Especially Surgeons) Medical professionals, particularly doctors, bagged the number one spot. A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin indicates that doctors have the highest IQ on average. Before individuals can practice medicine, they need to undergo years of schooling.

Sandra Lee was just your run-of-the-mill dermatologist when she decided to start uploading videos of her blackhead-popping procedures on YouTube in 2010. People were tagging their friends and making comments that they liked it, so I thought that was very weird.

What is Dr Whos real name?

I did it again, and then it happened again. So I decided to post a full video on YouTube.

What is Dr Whos real name?

Sandra Lee is board-certified dermatologist and her father is also a retired dermatologist. In 2014, she launched herwhich currently has more than 3 million followers.

Mike Varshavski

Everyone else has their families on their phones, but I have skin, zits, cysts — that's my life. However, it won't be easy. Pimple Popper get her nickname? The dermatologist's breakout moment was after she uploaded one of her videos to a pimple popping subreddit, after a follower suggested her content would do well there.

20 Facts That Reveal Who The REAL Dr. Oz Is

The rest, as they say, is history. So I thought, I have to have a fake name, and I decided to call myself Dr. Sandra and Jeffrey are the proud parents to two boys, but you won't be seeing their kids on social media anytime soon. Their sons keep a low-profile, and as expected, the teens are not impressed by their mom's social media fame.

What is Dr Whos real name?

Please, don't ever say that. On YouTube, it is estimated that Dr. Pimple Popper videos receive over 100 million views per month.

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