Question: What is my warrior name she cats only?

What is your warrior cat name for she Cats?

She has decided to name them Berrykit and Tigerkit. Congrats! You got Silversong! Silversong is a pretty she-cat, with beautiful yellow eyes and gray tabby stripes.

Can warrior cats have one name?

Second Part of the Name The suffix of warrior and medicine cat names are assigned by the Clan leader, (or medicine cat, respectively) though they (or in some cases one of their parents) can request a specific name for themselves, if they wish.

Can Starclan cats have kits?

Can starclan cats have kits? * There is a slim chance they can have kits, to do this note the group about having kits in star clan (the founder will roll a pair of D20 dice, if either numbers is a 2 or 3 your cat can get pregnant.)

What does song mean in warrior cats?

song - Loud; kind; good-natured.

What does pool mean in warrior cats?

Pool - Small; quiet; see Lake.

Who killed Runningwind?

Tigerclaw Runningwind was killed by Tigerclaw while out on patrol with Mousefur and Thornpaw. Once he ascended to StarClan, Runningwind gave Fireheart one of his nine lives and fought in the Great Battle.

My mother was the deputy of riverclan until she died of disease. My aprentice was leafpaw and now he is a warrior. I am a silver-blue she-cat. My sister is silversong and my brother is woodclaw. You have a silver-blue pelt, that is usually wet as you love swimming, and you have green eyes. Your mate is named Smallpool, a small grey tom with yellow eyes, and you have 2 kits: Splashpaw, Stonepaw and Bluepaw.

You had an apprentice, Leafpaw, but he became a warrior very soon Leafpelt as he was very good. Your mother was the previous deputy of RiverClan, deceased and was named Blueface, a silver-blue cat with green eyes, basically a bigger version of you. Your father was Mudpelt, a handsome brown cat with blue eyes. Your brother was Woodclaw, a brown tom with green eyes, and your sister was Silversong, a pretty silver-blue cat with blue eyes.

I am Skyheart the Windclan deputy. I moved with some of my family from Skyclan to Windclan. Half of my family was already in Windclan because they move to be mates with someone or something like that. The Skyclan cats didn't trust us, so we left. My brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandmother were already there. I was a young warrior when we moved. When my parents and me broke the news to the clan, they were angry. They said they knew our family was scum.

My friend, Antleg, turned her back on me. Windclan didn't seem too surprised when we got there. Windclan welcomed us, and I was reunited with my brother. Over time I got comfortable in Windclan and got a new friend, Aspenwing. When I was in Skyclan, I was good friends with Cloudfur.

But she was quite a bit older than me, and became a warrior whe I became an apprentice. At gatherings when I moved to Windclan, I chatted with Cloudfur's sister, Moonstrike.

We became best friends and couldn't wait to see each other at the gatherings. But I fell in love with a What is my warrior name she cats only?

What is my warrior name she cats only?

cat named Copperclaw. He's handsome and a really good swimmer. He was amazed by me, too. He starred at me and whenever we had to share a word, he tried to avoid looking at me and he stuttered when he talked. I know I've seen him stare in awe whenever he saw chasing a rabbit.

That was across the border, of course. We don't break the code.

Amy Adams

Especailly since we were both deputies. Actually, Longstar is the Windclan leader. My dad, Cedarpelt, is so proud of the both of us. The only problem is that he was super proud when the medicine cat, Poppyshade, said I was pregnant. He didn't know I was pregnant with Copperclaw's kits.

I slowly eased into talking to my brother, Branchnose about it. I could tell he had no interest caring for any more kits, since he already had some kits with his mate, Cherryleaf. Too add on to the stress, Longstar died right about when I gave birth.

The clan decided who would fill in for me at the moment. Majority ruled, Amberclaw would act as leader for the time-being. I tried to tell Poppyshade I should choose my deputy right then and there, but she insisted I should rest. I was releaved when Poppyshade didn't recognize Copperclaw in Rootkit and Heatherkit. I still had Sunkit, too. Even though I loved my kits so very dearly and wanted to stay, I had to get Amberclaw What is my warrior name she cats only? of his position.

He was changing Windclan into a blood-thirsty battle clan. Some of Amerclaw's followers tried to stop me What is my warrior name she cats only? becoming Skystar.

I over-heard a cat even say I shouldn't be leader. When Sunpaw died in a battle Amberstar caused against Shadowclan, I had almost lost hope. I talked to Copperclaw, now Copperstar one evening inside Riverclan's territory. I suggested me moving into Riverclan with Rootpaw and Heatherpaw. Copperstar told me to not loose hope. But if worst comes to worst, we would discuss. So I'm still living in Windclan, even plotting Amberstar's death.

He has killed many cats, and it's time for him to move to the dark forest.

The First and Last Parts of Your Warrior Name

I'm also praying with Starclan, wishing Cedarpelt will have a safe passage into Starclan from the battlefeild and for my mom, Ryestem, to join Cedarpelt when she dies from the elders den. Anywway, this quiz says I am Wetfur.

What is my warrior name she cats only?

As you can see, I am Skyheart. A queen with 2 kits: Mousekit, and Badgerkit. I have orange fur and a bushy tail, but I am not actually a fox. I forgot to mention that my mate is Bearclaw, and he was in thunderclan, and joined my clan, riverclan after he became my mate.

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