Question: Was ist WhatsApp APK?


Amongst the additional features in the modded version, this update has contact online toast is in-built in this messenger app allows to view active online popup of your friends whenever they come online.

Also run 2 WhatsApp account numbers in one device.

Was ist WhatsApp APK?

As you download latest version of the app therefore is very simple and easy method. Just get into our step by step instructions from now.

This Modified app is developed by a third party, not by the developers. As we have discussed earlier on how to use the features.

WhatsApp for Android

But to run 2 WhatsApp account numbers in one device you need to little setup. Below Section clears all your doubts. By using the customised app, users can start enjoying all the features. If you already had downloaded app, follow the guide mentioned below. This backup will be done to restore messages. Dual Whatsapp Accounts If you need 2nd Whatsapp? You Was ist WhatsApp APK? run 2 WhatsApp numbers in one device.

Control AirPlane Mode Feature When it comes to the speciality, you can disconnect, even when your mobile internet or wifi in On. Enable Dark Mode: You can enable Dark mode easily.

Just Click on Activate Dark Mode in just 1 click.

WhatsApp APK

So that your background remains dark until you deactivate it. Contact Online toast Feature This was the distinctive thing as contact online toast is in-built feature. There is an option to turn off the last seen. Toggle the switch and restart the modified app for changes to take effect. You need to click on Schedule a Message, Then Enter Contact name and Enter the text you want to send.

Was ist WhatsApp APK?

Self Destructive Message : You need to activate self destructive message functionality. As the person reads your msg, it will automatically be deleted for both of you. Customized Emoji Variants : You can customize Emoji Variants and create your Was ist WhatsApp APK? and send it to your loved ones.

Was ist WhatsApp APK?

Rooms : You can create or join the room with your friends and family members. Show blue ticks only after Reply: After receiving a text, we will read it. But now your contact person online only view blue color label when you only respond to his msg, but not only when you view.

Disable forwarded tag on messages: If you forward a message, it will indicate to others that it was forwarded. But now you can toggle switch on to the feature and this allows you to resend it without Forward tag.

So you can take a long time to reply. In this case, you will be able to see and save status using saver option. High Quality Raw Was ist WhatsApp APK? Formats: Send your photos in best quality. Send upto 100 million pixels in 100% percent image quality. There are different styles of themes of your choice to change its appearance and look. You can customise voices that you would like to send and prank your friends with fake voices.

Animated stickers are also now available in Telugu, HindiTamil and Kannada languages too. You can also give name instead in the Home Screen. Secuity Lock Protection : Enable Pattern or Password to Lock your chats to hide your conversations from other people. Control Who Can call You : Here you can customize your preference that who can call you like Everyone or only contacts online or No one.

Modify Chat Bubble Styles and Text Font Size: You can choose your chat bubble style with different backgrounds and shapes. Change the text size and surprise your friends.

Now you can change the text size of your too. First, you should browse through your laptop or Mobile and connect to the internet. Now navigate the browser and go to.

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