Question: What does a Squip look like?


Physical Appearance. On one cover of the book version of Be More Chill, the Squip is depicted as a blue chip with silicone-chip-esque lines. However, in both the text and the musical, it is described as a grey, oblong pill. In the musical, Jeremy claims its similar to a Wintergreen Tic Tac.

If you use one word to describe this face, what is your answer? The word I gave is: hunger. In just a dozen days, Jeong Ho-yeon, who played one of the female roles, soared from 400,000 to 19 million fans, and became the number one Korean female star in ins fans.

This face that meets the definition of beauty in a non-traditional sense seems to have an irresistible attraction to audiences all over the world. I want to talk to you today, why this unconventional face produces such a strong sense of beauty. What does a hungry face look like? It must be crazy, it must be fragile, it must be firm and desperate. Jiang Xiao: This is not a beautiful face in the traditional sense.

Single What does a Squip look like?, wide nose wings, nose with open nostrils, thick and invisible lips, densely covered with freckles on the cheeks, dark and apathetic eye bags, flared cheekbones and lower jaw, any of which goes against the traditional aesthetic Come.

But when she slowly raises her head, you will be shocked by the fierce and forbearing gaze in these small eyes. The slightly curved nose of is paired with extremely thin and tight skin, bringing fragile inspiration and erratic perseverance.

But the thick lips, slightly convex cheekbones, the sunken face and the increasingly dark circles under the eyes, release almost crazy cold and paranoid signals. This face is a What does a Squip look like? of madness and fragility, coldness and depression, determination and despair of contradictions, the sense of conflict and division are rampant. Zhiying: Zhiying has a cat temperament. Audiences who are familiar with will see two familiar shadows on her face, Shirley and He Hongshan.

This familiar feeling comes from their common sharp inner corners of the eyes, transparent skin and low flat and slightly concave faces. Combining the cat's sensitivity and the transparent and fragile crystal temperament, it finally reached the tragic and miserable situation as destined. But Zhiying is Zhiying, not anyone else. Zhiying has never been so fierce and fierce that a hungry wolf pounces on its prey, she is just a cat that will bite people in a hurry.

After being forced to taste the blood, she is discouraged and cuts herself to practice. Korean beauties: Korean beauties, an unscrupulous lunatic, a rascal who loves and hates.

What does a Squip look like?

But she always suffersThe humiliating fate that has been abandoned, at the last moment, handed her a sword of revenge, which went straight into the heart of the betrayer. Compared with hungry gamblers, Korean beauty is more like a greedy and crazy witch. In addition, the actresses of this show have one thing in common, which I like very much, that is, the white space on the face is preserved, especially the high and low root nose bridge + slightly upturned nose, which is a good interpretation of East Asia's long-term looks, Comfortable features.

Why What does a Squip look like?

What does a Squip look like?

the hungry face so inexplicably attractive? What is the beauty of the hungry face? When Judy Foster was 17 years old, he had already said very clearly that the best feature of female actors is the power born of wisdom, which is sometimes a kind of madness.

When these two qualities are lost, there will be an undeniable conflict of beauty and strong attraction. Jeong Ho Yeon's face is rare and fresh, but it is basically the superposition of desire and the impact of vitality, like the hot molten molten that is gushing out and cannot be blocked, she feels so strong.

But not all the faces that emerge from desires are a hungry face. Hunger is an instinct, and there is a sense of power in it. Crazy desires must have a persevering background. Outside the play, under the pressure that Li Ang may change at any time, as a newcomer in the play, there are a lot of fight scenes with famous seniors. Look at her face, the fierceness to win is to spread from the eyes to the corners of the mouth.

What does a Squip look like? course, she can afford this kind of bitterness. Her reaction was different from that of others.

When hitting a wall, she would instinctively protect herself with her hands first. She is not, she hits her face against the wall. After a month or two, no matter art, photography, martial arts, acting, she can slowly digest it, and her personality is still Being able to endure hardships and look good is the grandpa's appreciation for food. This is also a chance. On her short and wide face, she has a pair of large, drooping eyes that flicker and flicker, like shiny butterflies, as if drifting in in the next second.

Go in the fate that no one knows. She has desires, but although the desires are strong but also vague, she turns her head back and devours herself. She walked towards the sun, but the essence was still the daughter of the dark night. Why is this characteristic rarely seen in life, including film and television dramas?

Why are hungry faces less and less common now? There are more and more faces that are too delicate and even beautiful to the degree of precision, and there are some flaws and contradictions in facial features and temperament, which is a hungry face. The mainland lacks this kind of penetrating face that broke out of the ground, and the endless stream of flowers are still the same as their predecessors, taking more pure and harmless routes. The image of strong personality, complex temperament and not single is still relatively low accepted by the public.

There are two young actors in the entertainment sector who, I think, can embody a little bit of What does a Squip look like? kind of complex characteristics: weeks, and Qiu Tian. The temperament of the two of them is difficult to define whether they are cold or warm, soft or hard. She showed the most chilling evil with the most innocent eyes in the bullying scene.

The coldness and Ling Li coexist on her. So if you want to have a hungry face, the first step is to accept, accept desire, accept conflict, accept something that you want to change but may not need to change.

With the explosive development of the media today, What does a Squip look like?


is no longer a secret why female stars are so beautiful. Just log in to a social software and you can see a lot of bloggers teaching how to dismantle and have beauty. The text is detailed and the pictures. Exquisite, small videos can be played in countless loops, and every kind of material has everything. But with the availability of beauty soaring, there are also girls who almost self-destruct anxiety. I've seen too many girls who stuffed two lumps of stiff fillings in a face that wasn't meant to be concave.

Does keeping a low face really miss the beauty? Does a face lose its attractiveness if there are tear What does a Squip look like?

dark circles that cannot be removed? There is a Vietnamese What does a Squip look like? Minh Ha that I like very much. The low plane is a sign of her personal recognition.

You will find that this so-called defect is the source of the sense of story that is clear and not bitter, and can be explored infinitely. They sink people a bit and pull them inward a bit, but the taste of sweetness is very long, a neurotic beauty that breaks the norm. In fact, until now, it is not that girls must not make adjustments, but on the track of beauty, perhaps we can change the way of thinking, distinguish the key points, and make a clear choice.

Perhaps for some girls, maintaining a tight contour is more important than a full face. Because you have your own taste, you know it.

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