Question: What episode does Peter turn into a girl?


House M.D. Episode Guide to First, Second, Third & Fourth Season Episodes on Fox TV

And bringing up in the rear, but somehow, still in the race, is 'Til Death! It looks like 'Til Death has taken a right turn and is heading into the stands! I could describe the horror I am witnessing, but it is so fathomably ugly and heartrending that I cannot bring myself to do so, although I do possess the necessary descriptive powers. Oh, well, at least the horse ran past the class of visiting deaf second graders.

Peter Rabbit

He's going back towards the track! Fellas, this race ain't over, yet! This is what I call a family guy episode, articulate, speedy and in short a hell of funny.

What episode does Peter turn into a girl?

This episode, despite its much controversial topic, is witty at best and kept me laughing throughout. The episode was filled with fewer cut away jokes, which gave the actual plot line more time to develop and the cutaway gags that were included were irresistible.

What episode does Peter turn into a girl?

This episode differs from most other episodes of season seven for it had a biting social and pop culture satire and an original storyline. The mentally ill horse, the gay Peter and his homosexual partners were just hilarious. Keep up the good work Seth and crew, and all else involved in the making.

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