Question: What are the six stages of a midlife crisis?

What is the difference between midlife crisis and midlife transition?

In Midlife Crisis, a person chooses denial and refuses to accept the fact that s/he is no longer young and that her/his body is no longer the same. ... In Midlife Transition, a person refuses to soothe them his/herself with denial and instead grapples with the reality of the aging process.

Whether it's marriage, the loss of loved ones, a health scare, raising children, or wasted youth issues, this is an area where it is welcomed. Hopefully subjects can be approached with a combination of humor and wisdom. The inevitable transition from young to old can be tough for anyone, so this is where to vent your deepest, darkest fears. And also where to express your most magnificent hopes and dreams.

The video here is not the most inspiring, but the contest is delivered well and relevant to many people here.

What are the six stages of a midlife crisis?

I've made a quick summary for those that don't want to sit through the 13min. There is no specific issue, but people begin searching for that one or many things to change and seldom find it.

Sometimes this stage is healthy, eg. You begin to resent yourself on the outside, but commonly on this inside too.

Midlife Crisis Stages

Now you start to 'deep dive' and face some tough questions. Who do I want to be in this world? Do these still bring me joy? Letting go of the things that have helped you in the past.

You examine the ways that you see yourself. You bring into question the ways that you allow others to treat you. You find the fundamental core and begin to heal it.

What are the six stages of a midlife crisis?

The Caterpillar becomes the Butterfly. When you come out of the other side of this, you will still be you, but you will be the other more authentic version of yourself.

What are the six stages of a midlife crisis?

You experience a sense of enjoyment about the new you and the person you have uncovered.

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