Question: What year is Mk8 Golf?


Volkswagen Golf Mk8

But, it's only bad news because the newest version of the original hot hatch sounds like it's going to be a great car. The new Mk8 Golf—which likely won't come to the U. The road to that includes a number of hardware tweaks, and a new electronic brain. Volkswagen We'll start with the front suspension. The same unsurprisingly is true of the dampers at the rear axle. Tires come from Bridgestone, Goodyear, or Hankook, and while all-seasons are standard, summers are a no-cost option.

With the Mk7, you initially had to get the Performance Package to get the diff, but it became standard in 2019.

What year is Mk8 Golf?

The steering has a variable ratio, with rate of 14:1 right on center, which goes all the way down to 9:1 as you reach the lock stops. As before, the rack is quick, with just 2.

What year is Mk8 Golf?

It's a central computer that manages all of the electronic driving systems including differential, steering, and if you have them, the adaptive dampers. You get your expected Comfort and Sport presets, but in Individual mode, there's a 15-position! The system can pre-load the front differential lock in certain situations to boost traction, and those new adaptive dampers can be adjusted 200 times per second, independent of one another.

In other words, brake engagement What year is Mk8 Golf? nice and gradual when you're driving around town, but firm and immediate on track.

And both cars were wearing the same tires. It's an impressive figure, given the fact that both cars have largely the same drivetrain. We very much look forward to trying this What year is Mk8 Golf?. Volkswagen Karsten Schebsdat is not a powertrain engineer, so while this discussion was focused on the chassis, we did get a bit of detail on the engine and transmission. As with the Mk7, a six-speed manual is standard—praise be—and a seven-speed dual-clutch is optional.

What year is Mk8 Golf?

The Mk7 is a car us automotive media types recommend to people almost by default. We hope that continues with the Mk8, and we'll have to wait patiently year to find out.

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