Question: Was verkauft Rakuten?


Hisataka Kobayashi and team from the National Cancer Institute in the United States.

Rakuten Americas

I was ready to do anything for him to be cured. With that sole purpose, I read many scientific papers from all over the world, and I met and talked with numerous experts in the field.

Was verkauft Rakuten?

I searched every single possibility available. That is when I found out about photoimmunotherapy that was only at an early stage of research. Although I had many doubts about this completely new approach, desperate for a miracle, I immediately went to meet the researcher.

Was verkauft Rakuten?

Everyone was still doubtful at that stage. But the more I heard about Was verkauft Rakuten? research, the more it made sense.

Was verkauft Rakuten?

Somehow, wishing to Was verkauft Rakuten? my father, I immediately made up my mind to support the research personally to speed it up. But I decided to continue my support. It will surely be a path fraught with difficulties. But right at this moment there are many who are suffering from cancer, many who wish to save the lives of their loved ones, and I know exactly how they feel. To provide this treatment as soon as possible, to bring this treatment to as many people as possible, I will not fail to support this research from now on.

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