Question: Is Poppy IRL a robot?

Poppy says Poppy is an alien, an object, a computer, your pet. But Poppy is a character portrayed by the musician Moriah Poppy, born Moriah Pereira, created with the director Titanic Sinclair, born Corey Mixter, both of Los Angeles. She is a pop singer, soon to be the star of her own TV show.

Is poppy a real person?

Moriah Rose Pereira (born January 1, 1995), known professionally as Poppy and formerly That Poppy, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and YouTuber.

Is poppy a robot?

She is part bubblegum pop star, part performance artist ... and part robot? She is a YouTube phenomenon with more than 200 million views. ... Poppy posted her first YouTube video in 2015 after teaming up with self-proclaimed director Titanic Sinclair. The video is titled Poppy Eats Cotton Candy, and she does just that.

Who writes poppys?

TracklistNo.TitleWriter(s)1.ConcretePoppy, Titanic Sinclair, Chris Greatti, Zakk Cervini3.BloodmoneyPoppy, Sinclair, Greatti, Cervini4.Anything Like MePoppy, Sinclair, Greatti, Cervini5.Fill the CrownPoppy, Sinclair, Greatti, Cervini6 more rows

What is Poppy short for?

Poppy could be short for Paloma. 17.

Is Poppy dating Ghostemane?

On July 8th, 2020, Ghostemane proposed to Poppy during a road trip, after 9 months of dating. ... Poppy confirmed the following day on Twitter that she and Ghostemane were engaged.

Can Poppy be a nickname for Penelope?

Nicknames are plentiful for Penelope with Pen, Penny, Nelly, and Poppy among the many choices. Similar names include Persephone, Phoebe, and Calliope.

Who is Poppys boyfriend in trolls?

Branch Branch is Poppys boyfriend, and the male protagonist of the DreamWorks Trolls franchise. Hes a member of The Snack Pack, having joined the group since the events of Trolls and acting as its second-in-command after Poppy.

The YouTube channel of an artist named That Poppy has been mystifying viewers for years. Behind the weirdness of her videos is a disturbing story: The mind control of a young pop star. After receiving several e-mails requesting to check out That Poppy, I sat down and went through the 70+ videos on her YouTube channel. The experience was, to say the least, perplexing. But, as the videos progress, themes associated with Monarch mind control and the satanic occult elite begin surfacing.

Through subtle clues peppered throughout her videos, we see That Poppy being introduced to the dark side of the industry … and humanity being sucked out of her. What makes these video even more disturbing is that they are getting darker as That Poppy — the musical artist — is going deeper into the industry.

Then hints to Monarch mind control appear in her videos and things get darker. She was programmed to react to that number.

It will become more relevant later on. What if you could reboot yourself like a computer? Poppy looks completely out of it. She wears a rainbow-themed sweater. The following video, entitleddepicts the result of the programming. A second That Poppy appears. The first one starts bleeding out of the mouth.

Meet Lil Miquela, the real life Ashley O

The fact that the first one bleeds out of the mouth hints to the trauma and abuse suffered during programming. The blood also ties the story of That Poppy with an artist who somewhat mysteriously disappeared from the scene: Mars. Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair Between 2009 and 2015, the band Mars Argo released some music, some viral videos and enjoyed some online buzz.

Towards the end of the video, something is said in reverse. Only when your mind is silent you can see clear enough to enjoy your life and forget about your desires.

Since then, Titanic Sinclair became the man behind That Poppy. In many ways, she is the continuation of Mars, another puppet through which Titanic Sinclair pushes his vision. Did Mars disappear after Is Poppy IRL a robot? too close to the occult mind control side of things? Well, no matter what the case may be, That Poppy is deep in it. The video where blood spills out of her mouth links her directly to Mars. As the videos progress, That Poppy turns into an increasingly lifeless drone who is clearly under the control of shady people.

InThat Poppy answers questions asked by a Charlotte, a journalist or something played by a mannequin. Charlotte ends obsessing with That Poppy and wanting to take her place. InThat Poppy guides the viewers as they are apparently being brainwashed by sound frequencies.

InThat Poppy alludes to an important concept in Monarch mind control: The use of trigger words. She conveys the idea that she is a robot programmed to respond Is Poppy IRL a robot?

specific trigger words. Another odd fact about this video: Her ankles appear to be bruised.

Is Poppy IRL a robot?

Are her bruised ankles a subtle reference to the trauma and torture of Monarch programming? The videos are also full of symbolism associated with Monarch mind control — the exact symbols identified on Vigilant Citizen years ago. Here are some of them.

Many outfits and accessories worn by That Poppy feature eyes and eyeballs — again indicating that she is controlled by the occult elite. Other That Poppy videos refer to another aspect of the industry: Subtle satanism. Subtle Satanism Several videos allude to religion, black magick, rituals, and satanism.

InThat Poppy says words into a microphone which produces a bizarre echo. It is very comfortable and I feel pretty in it. That Poppy reads the Bible for 49 minutes straight, without a single pause. As the minutes pass by and That Poppy gets tired or reading, one feels a bizarre element of voyeurism going on, as if one was watching a mild snuff film where reading the Bible Is Poppy IRL a robot?

a long period of time is the torture of choice. In short, several That Poppy videos incorporate subtle yet clear references to Satanism. In Monarch programming, satanic rituals and imagery are used to corrupt and traumatize slaves.

In some of her videos, she says that she wants to escape, but that never happens. Their symbolism is quite clear: It is all about her being an industry slave. Considering the imagery of the video and the general context of everything That Poppy, the lyrics of the song take on a specific meaning.

The next verse is Is Poppy IRL a robot? perplexing, as it appears to refer to abuse.

Is Poppy IRL a robot?

Through the Is Poppy IRL a robot?, the social comments and the general weirdness of these videos, we find the recurrent theme of Illuminati mind control — the tried and true formula to turn a young star into a brainwashed puppet who, in turn, is used to brainwash her own fans.

That being said, is That Poppy actually under mind control or is it all a big act? Are we witnessing actual mind control or a clever marketing strategy?

Is Poppy IRL a robot?

One thing is for sure, That Poppy is actually tied to a high-level record label where people do not play around. Also, and more importantly, That Poppy is another proof that this is basically the one kind of messages and symbolism that is allowed to be associated with her, and most of pop culture.

They want this Illuminati mind control symbolism to be what is cool, viral, trendy, edgy, experimental and so forth. While some might see That Poppy as an innovative thing, she is actually repeating the Is Poppy IRL a robot? story that was being told by nearly 10 years ago — and by countless others afterward.

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