Question: Is Charmant plural or singular?

What is feminine Charmant?

Adjective. charmant (feminine singular charmante, masculine plural charmants, feminine plural charmantes)

What is the masculine plural of Curieux?

curieux (feminine singular curieuse, masculine plural curieux, feminine plural curieuses)

What is the feminine form of Joli?


What is the plural of Sportif in French?

plural of sportif. sportifs [pl/m]

What is the plural form of Courageux?

courageuxmasculinfémininsuperlatifle plus courageux les plus courageux le moins courageux les moins courageuxla plus courageuse les plus courageuses la moins courageuse les moins courageusesadverbecourageusement4 more rows

What is the feminine plural form of Curieux?

Feminine and Masculine Forms of Adjectivescurieuxcurieuse(curious)heureuxheureuse(happy)

Is Joli feminine in French?

So the adjective joli adds the e to account for the feminine case of the noun, and adds the s as the noun is in the plural. If you were to say my pretty book, it would be mon joli livre, as livre is masculine. If you were to say my pretty books, it would be mes jolis livres.

What is the plural of Jolie?

Meanings of feminine plural of joli in French English Dictionary : 1 result(s)CategoryFrenchCommon1Commonjolies [adj]1 more row

What is the plural of heureux?

(The feminine forms of these adjectives just add -s.) Masculine adjectives ending in -s or -x stay the same in the plural. Examples are dangereux (dangerous), heureux (happy), ennuyeux (boring), gros (fat) and frais (fresh). ... There are, however, some adjectives ending in -al that just add -s to form the plural.

What is the plural of AVEC?

Noun. avec m , f (plural avecs)

What is the plural of Sympathique?

sympathique (plural sympathiques) nice, kind, friendly, likeable.

What is the plural of Gentil in French?

gentil (feminine singular gentille, masculine plural gentils, feminine plural gentilles)

So does that mean any noun that ends in -s is automatically plural? Consider two fields that journalists cover regularly: politics and economics.

Corps Definition & Meaning

Office politics were driving me crazy, so I quit. The economics of the project make it impossible to proceed. Strong ethics are required for a journalist to be trustworthy.

Is Charmant plural or singular?

And what about a major news event of the summer, Is Charmant plural or singular? Olympics?

Is Charmant plural or singular?

Plural, according to Ask the Editor at apstylebook. The Olympics is, or the Olympics are? Thanks — from Charlotte on Mon, Oct 08, 2007 A. Collective nouns tend to be singular: My class is covering the election tomorrow.

The company is no longer turning a profit.

charmant: French adjectives, Cactus2000

Barclays have reported record profits for the third quarter. Sports teams are treated much the same, at least in Britain. The British will say Manchester United have won again — an apparently singular subject, the name of a team, but a plural verb.

Is Charmant plural or singular?

In America, most names of sports teams are Is Charmant plural or singular? anyway — the Yankees, the Cubs, the Red Sox yes, Sox is plural, a variation on socks — so they naturally take plural verbs. What about number, Is Charmant plural or singular? in a recent concert review: A. I prefer to think of it this way: a number of has become an idiom meaning more than one. So I vote that there were a number is permissible. The word means not one, so in theory is should be singular. Use a plural verb only if the sense is no two or no amount: None of the consultants agree on the same approach.

None of the taxes have been paid. But at the New York Times, none is considered plural: None of the seats were in the right place. The moral of the story: check the style for your publication.

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