Question: What is the most used app in Germany?

As of July 2021, Telegram was the leading communication app titles in the Google Play Store in Germany, with nearly 402.2 thousand downloads onto German mobile devices. WhatsApp Messenger ranked second, with 364 thousand downloads.

Just like how each country has its own traditional cuisine … every country has their own preferred messaging apps too. More than half of mobile users have at least one messaging app installed on their phones.

Most popular Android Messaging Apps by Country in 2019 1. WhatsApp According to recent studies conducted in 2019, WhatsApp Messenger is now the leading mobile messaging app in 112 countries. Founded in 2009, WhatsApp has now 1. Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger is the leading messaging app in 57 countries.

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Founded in 2008, Facebook Messenger has over 2. Both WhatsApp and Messenger are owned by Facebook, however, WhatsApp is more popular by countries than Facebook Messenger.

What is the most used app in Germany?

Facebook Messenger was the most popular mobile messenger app in the United States with 108. Viber After WhatsApp and Messenger, Viber is the third popular messaging app in the world. Viber is the leading messaging app in 10 countries and is mostly popular in Eastern European countries.

Founded in 2010, the app has more than 500 million downloads coming from Google Play Store.

What is the most used app in Germany?

As of 2019, WeChat is the fifth most-used app in the world and claims to have one billion daily active users. Line After WeChat, Line has grown into the second largest social networking What is the most used app in Germany?

What is the most used app in Germany?

messaging app in Asia. Founded in 2011, Line became the most successful social chat app in terms of revenue generation in Japan. Which countries use Facebook Messenger the most? Other Messaging Apps Telegram was once the leading messaging app in Russia and Iran, however this year, the app has been replaced by WhatsApp among Russian and Iranian users. Other messaging apps such as Pinngle Safe Messenger, Signal, and Threema started to gain popularity in different countries mainly because many users are now preferring to switch to more safe, secure and private messaging apps.

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