Question: Who is the new Fear Factory vocalist?

Now, guitarist Dino Cazares has revealed that hes finally found Bells replacement — though hes holding out on telling the world who it is. Speaking to Bucketlist TV, Cazares said, “For those of you who dont know, our singer quit after 30 years.

What happened Burton C. Bell?

After 31 years as the singer of Fear Factory, Bell announced on September 28, 2020 that he had left the band, citing consistent series of dishonest representations and unfounded accusations from past and present band members and a bitter feud between himself and Cazares.

According to guitarist Dino Cazares in an interview with Temple of Bleh, he's gotten a handful of great submissions for the position and is looking forward to making the decision.

The spat between Cazares and Bell has been very public, including Bell discussing a and Cazares. There's multiple people that are really good — really good.

New Fear Factory vocalist has officially been selected : FearFactory

Even some females that are really good. And making a decision is gonna be definitely tough. Will the fans not accept them?

Who is the new Fear Factory vocalist?

I necessarily don't fear change, but I do take it into consideration how fans are gonna take it. I mean, I can't base everything I do on what a fan might think, because then I'll never get anything done.

Who is the new Fear Factory vocalist?

But it is definitely a big decision. And whoever I choose, I want them there to be for the long run, because I plan on making a few more records before I'm retired or gone or whatever. It's definitely a big decision.

Dino Cazares

And it's some big shoes to Who is the new Fear Factory vocalist?. It's no secret that Burt had some vocal issues when he sang live — he just couldn't sing certain songs. Like 'Linchpin', our biggest song, we could never play it. I wanna be able to find a singer that can sing that song and we can play it live every night.

I wanna be able to give people the hits — the songs that they paid money to see.

Who is the new Fear Factory vocalist?

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