Question: What is the best iPhone weather app?


The iPhone weather app that comes installed on the device is a. However, there's a world of alternative weather apps available that provide more accurate forecast data or display it in a way that's more in line with your personal tastes.

What is the best iPhone weather app?

Here are six of the best iPhone weather apps you could be using instead of the one you have installed right now. Daily and weekly weather forecasts are available, and each is enhanced by dynamic weather photography in the background.

Weather Live┬░ supports alert notifications, a special weather widget for theand an app icon on the Home Screen that changes appearance based on the current weather conditions; you don't need to open the app to check if it's raining.

It is compatible with Apple Watch. Finally, a full-featured weather app that doesn't require a subscription. WeatherBug comes with forecasts that range from pollen levels to storm warnings. It delivers real-time forecasts lightning fast.

The app covers local, national, and worldwide locations it claims to forecast for 2. The app comes with plenty of customization options. It is compatible with Apple Watch. The super accurate weather data is front and center and delivers current, hourly, and daily forecasts.

What is the best iPhone weather app?

This 2021 Apple Design Award winner is easy on the eyes and crazy powerful. When you're not consulting it for the weather, unlock some of the 60 achievements or track down secret locations by following clues.

What, in your opinion, is the best weather app for iOS? : ios

Some of the personality levels contain occasional references to mild sexual content, profanity, crude humor, and suggestive themes that may offend some users, but the app comes with a Professional setting option that dials all that back. All this goodness doesn't come cheap. Weathertron is an iPhone weather app that attempts to reinvent how people consume forecast data, and it succeeds.

The app features almost zero text and instead communicates weather conditions and the temperature through the creative use of colored bars and graphs. From a distance, Weathertron looks almost like digital artwork, but after a few minutes of use, the design aesthetic begins to make sense, and you'll come to appreciate how effective and relaxing this style is. This integration makes Fresh Air a solid two-in-one solution and will be appreciated by those frustrated with switching between apps to cross-check information.

Will it rain during your picnic next Wednesday? Fresh Air will tell you all in one place. This weather What is the best iPhone weather app? isn't all about the calendar functionality, though. Fresh Air also supports basic weather app features for checking the daily forecast and offers up to seven days of weather data presented in a rather artistic graph.

It is Apple Watch compatible. RadarScope is a high-end iPhone app for those more interested in the science behind the day's weather than casually checking for the chance of rain.

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