Question: Was bedeutet Maßhalten?


The journal Die Musikforschung was founded in 1948 on behalf of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung. It is one of the leading german musicological journals in which papers from various subdisciplines music history, music theory, ethnomusicology, systematic musicology are published.


There is no focus on a special subject. In addition to papers, the journal includes reviews of musicological books and editions, reports of conferences, a list of german musicological doctoral dissertations completed in the respective year, and an overview of lectures and courses on musicology at german-speaking universities twice a year.

Was bedeutet Maßhalten?

The firm was founded three years earlier in Augsburg by Karl Vötterle. Beginning with the participation in the German singing movement during the 1920s, Protestant church music and the burgeoning interest in early music, the company quickly developed its distinctive profile. Close contacts with musicological research led not only to the publication of the milestone encyclopaedia Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart now in a second, completely revised and expanded editionbut also to a host of new critical complete editions, used extensively by both scholars and musicians all over the world.


These Was bedeutet Maßhalten? the complete editions of works by Schütz, J. In the area of contemporary music, Bärenreiter works with internationally-renowned composers of different backgrounds, stylistic directions and ages.

Was bedeutet Maßhalten?

These include Manfred Trojahn, Matthias Pintscher, Beat Furrer and Miroslav Srnka.

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