Question: What is the capital of Gabon Africa?

What city is Gabon in?

Libreville An aerial view of Libreville, the biggest and capital city of Gabon. Gabon is a Central African nation that is located on the equator and bordered by Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, and Equatorial Guinea....The Largest Cities In Gabon.Rank1CityLibrevilleProvinceEstuairePopulation578,1569 more columns

Is it safe to travel to Gabon Africa?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH Gabon is, overall, not that safe to visit. If you decide to go to Gabon, you should be aware that crime, poor road conditions, interruptions to power, and poor water quality are just some of the things tourists will have a problem with.

What is the religion of Gabon?

The Episcopal Conference of Gabon estimates approximately 80 percent of the population is Christian. Of the Christian population, approximately two-thirds is Roman Catholic and one-third Protestant, which includes evangelical and awakening churches.

What is the main religion of Gabon?

The Episcopal Conference of Gabon estimates approximately 80 percent of the population is Christian. Of the Christian population, approximately two-thirds is Roman Catholic and one-third Protestant, which includes evangelical and awakening churches.

Are there Christians in Togo?

Roman Catholics are the largest Christian group at 28 percent of the total population, followed by Protestants at 10 percent, and other Christian denominations totaling 5.7 percent. Protestant groups include Methodists, Lutherans, Assemblies of God, and Seventh-day Adventists.

If we decide to give out a test to 1000 persons to list out all the countries in Africa, believe me, out of these 1000 persons, just 10 will manage to get it right. Africa as a whole is made up of 54 officially recognized countries. Africa is the second largest continent in the world with over 1. It is second only behind the highly populated Asian continent. Despite the remarkable contributions of Africa, and the remarkable progress it has made, relatively little is known about Africa, her people, and culture outside of the continent.

There is more to Africa than safari hunting, her poor public image and a history of the slave trade. Africa is only superseded by the Asian continent in terms of land mass and population. Below is the list of the 54 countries in Africa and their capital cities with population; 1. Algeria Capital city Algiers, Population 40,100,000 2. Angola Capital city Luanda Population 25,326,000 3.

Where is Gabon?

Benin Capital city: Porto-Novo Population: 10,782,000 4. Botswana Capital city Gaborone Population 2,176,000 5. Burkina Faso Capital city Ouagadougou population 18,450,000 6. Burundi Capital city Bujumbura Population 9,824,000 7. Cameroon Capital city Yaounde Population 21,918,000 8. The Republic of Cape Verde Capital city Praia Population 525,000 9.

The Central African Republic Capital city Bangui Population 4,900,000 10. Comoros Capital city Moroni Population 783,000 12. Democratic Republic of Congo Capital city Kinshasa Population 77,267,000 13. Republic of Congo Capital city Brazzaville Population 4,706,000 14. Djibouti Capital city Djibouti Population 961,000 16. Egypt Capital city Cairo Population 88,523,000 17.

What is the capital of Gabon Africa?

Equatorial Guinea Capital city Malabo Population 1,996,000 18. Eritrea Capital city Asmara Population 6,895,000 19. Ethiopia Capital city Addis Ababa Population 99,391,000 20. Gambia Capital city Banjul Population 2,022,000 22. Ghana Capital city Accra Population 27,414,000 23. Guinea Capital city Conakry Population 10,935,000 24. Guinea-Bissau Capital city Bissau Population 1,788,000 25. Kenya Capital city Nairobi Population 45,533,000 26.

Lesotho Capital city Maseru Population 1,908,000 27. Liberia Capital city Monrovia Population 4,046,000 28. Libya Capital city Tripoli Population 6,278,000 29. Madagascar Capital What is the capital of Gabon Africa?

Antananarivo Population 23,043,000 30. Malawi Capital city Lilongwe Population 16,307,000 31. Mali Capital city Bamako Population 17,796,000 32. Mauritania Capital city Nouakchott Population 3,632,000 33. Mauritius Capital city Port Louis Population 1,263,000 34. Morocco Capital city Rabat Population 34,380,000 35.

Mozambique Capital city Maputo Population 28,013,000 36. Namibia Capital city Windhoek Population 2,281,000 37. Niger Capital city Niamey Population What is the capital of Gabon Africa? 38. Rwanda Capital city Kigali Population 11,324,000 40. Republic Arab Saharawi Democratic Capital city Aauin Population 509,000 41. Sao Tome and Principe Capital city Sao Tome Population 194,000 42. Senegal Capital city Dakar Population 14,150,000 43.

Seychelles Capital city Victoria Population 97,000 What is the capital of Gabon Africa?.

African Art

Sierra Leone Capital city Freetown Population 6,513,000 45. Somalia Capital city Mogadishu Population 10,972,000 46. South Africa Capital City Pretoria ExecutiveBloemfontein JudicialCapetown Legislative Population 54,957,000 47.

South Sudan Capital city Juba Population 12,519,000 48.

What is the capital of Gabon Africa?

Sudan Capital city Khartoum Population 40,235,000 49. Swaziland Capital city Lobamba royal and legislative Mbabane Administrative Population 1,119,000 50.

Tanzania Capital city Dar es Salaam Traditional capital Dodoma Location of the legislature Population 51,046,000 51. Togo Capital city Lomé Population 7,065,000 52. Tunisia Capital city Tunis Population 11,118,000 53. Uganda Capital city Kampala Population 37,102,000 54.

Zambia Capital city Lusaka Population 15,474,000 55. Zimbabwe Capital city Harare Population 13,503,000 I believe this post is very helpful and informative.

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