Question: How do I fix Messenger?

How do I fix Messenger on my iPhone?

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on iPhone:Give Your iPhone a Restart. ... Close the Messenger Application. ... Check for Updates for the App. ... Check for Outages with the App. ... Delete the Messenger App and Reinstall. ... For Wi-Fi Users. ... Turn Off Wi-fi and Turn it Back On. ... Forget the Network.More items...

Can you recover deleted Messenger messages?

Restore Deleted Messages via Facebook Messenger on Android If you have your messages archived in your Facebook Messenger app, then you get the chance to restore deleted Facebook messages easily. ... Once you find the conversation, simply select it and press Unarchive Message option to unarchive it.

Where did my text messages go?

Why do my text messages disappear on Android? There a number of reasons that may cause the issue. It can be an accidental deletion or loss, recent app updates that affect your text messages, date and time setting in your phone is not updated, Android system or app version that needs an update, and many others.

How can I retrieve deleted messages from messenger?

Restore Deleted Messages via Facebook Messenger on Android Open Facebook Messenger on your device and head to your recent conversations. Click on the search bar to search the conversation that you previously archived. Once you find the conversation, simply select it and press Unarchive Message option to unarchive it.

Why are messages not sending on Messenger?

Some reasons why you cant send messages: You sent a lot of messages recently. Your messages went against the Facebook Community Standards. Problems with your app, phone or internet.

How do I fix a message not sent on messenger?

If Messenger launches successfully on your phone but you cant send/receive messages, it might be a network problem. A simple network restart could help you fix that. Just swipe down your quick settings panel and turn off Wi-Fi, wait for a few seconds and turn it on again. How do I fix Messenger?

Not a day goes by when we do not open the Facebook Messenger app. Either for speaking to family members or getting messages from team members of businesses, we open Facebook Messenger almost every day. What if it stops playing the notification sound for a new message or call?

Here are all the possible solutions you can use to fix Messenger notification sound not working issue on Android and iPhone. Please note that we have included screenshots of the stock Android. Verify Notification Settings Before heading to other options, it is better to first verify whether you have enabled notifications for the Messenger app or not.

At times, we turn off different features by mistake. Did you know that Messenger app comes with many such settings that you need to go through? Android Users If you are an Android user, follow these steps: First, open the Messenger app on your mobile and tap on the profile picture visible on the top-left corner.

It is available in the Preferences section. Next, you have to check the Notification sound. As it is primarily a sound issue, you must set a valid file as your Notification sound. To verify this setting, tap on the Notification sound option, and choose the desired sound you want to play for notifications. Similarly, tap on Ringtone and choose a sound you want to be played when someone calls you on Messenger.

In other words, you can try to and check if it solves the issue or not. Apart How do I fix Messenger? that, toggle the In-app sounds button to turn it on. Please note that if it is already on, do not change the setting. Open the Messenger app and tap on How do I fix Messenger? profile picture visible on the top-left corner. If How do I fix Messenger?, toggle the respective buttons to turn on notification sound and preview.

How To Fix Messenger Notification Not Working Issue

Disable Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb is a setting that can make or break notifications on your phone. The first method is relatively more straightforward than the second one as it requires multiple steps to follow. It appears when you swipe down the status bar. If you can find the respective option, and it is enabled, tap on it to disable Do Not Disturb.

How do I fix Messenger?

On your iPhone, you can check out two different Do Not Disturb settings. The first one is included in the Messenger app, and the second one can be found in the Settings app the native Do Not Disturb option.

As said earlier, the second one is included in the Settings app. Open the Settings app and go to the Do Not Disturb menu.

Once you are in, toggle the Do Not Disturb button to disable this feature. Android Users: Open a conversation in the app and tap on the info icon visible in the top-right corner. Tap on the Notifications and Unmute Conversation options accordingly. There are some more solutions you can follow. These solutions also work when any. Clear App Cache Android On Android, if an app has stopped working or malfunctioning, the simplest way to eliminate How do I fix Messenger?

issue is to reset the app. Locate the Messenger icon in the app drawer and tap and hold it until you get the App info option. Now do the following- 1: Tap on the Force stop button to terminate the app. At times, such issues might occur due to a bug. At times, old devices can malfunction due to adware or malware. If that happens, the best way to get rid of such a problem is by resetting your device.

How do I fix Messenger?

Still No Sound for Messenger Notifications The fastest way to get rid of the no Messenger notifications sound issue on Android and iPhone is by following these methods. As it occurs for many reasons, it is better to go through all these steps one after one.

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